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Margarita Acero • Malda Alami • Daniela 
Aloi-Timeus Hernandez • Maria Cristina 
Alvarado Torija • Andrea Antillon Goni • 
Pietro Antonelli • Jonathan Archer • 
Pierre-Alexandre Aucoin < • Michelle 
Baillargeon • Robert Baillargeon • Fabiola 
Barraza Buelna • Karla Barrutieta • Nicolas 
Bauer • Chantal Bedard • Ryan Bedard • 
Eastlyn Bellamy • Felix Boisse • Elric Boisvert • 
Swann Boisvert • Emiliano Bonilla 
Monterrubio • Santiago Bonilla Monterrubio • 
Jesus Antonio Bonilla Vazquez • Tom 
Boulanger • Simon-Pierre Boulos • Amira 
Buchholz • Jordan Buck Thompson • Denbigh 
Burrows • Maxime Cadrin • Flavia Calvar 
Ripoll • Carlos Jesus Camarena Villa • Lyanne 
Carruthers • Thomas Castle • Tse-Ming 
(Jethro) Chang • Hung-Hao (Hank) Chen • 
Alexandre Clermont • James Cloutier • Ann 
Fernanda Coindreau • Justin Coon • Jennifer 
Corriveau • Jean-Samuel Couture • Jason 
Cowen • Catharina Czech • Jean-Philippe 
Daigle • Maximilian Daniel • Spencer De La 
Bruere • Robyn Diamond • Janine 
Diamond-Erless • Fernanda Diaz Tijerina • 
Christopher Dossou • Elvis Doyari Yarisson • 
Blanche Du Sault • Zhouying Duan • Patrick 
James Earle • Amanda Eberhardt • Daniel 
Escaravage • Daniel Farca Fernandez * 
Gabrielle Fleming • Frederick Fleurquin • 
Kelly Foran • Anthony Fortugno • Sean Fry • 
Kasey Gallagher-Brackett » Emilie Gamache • 
Samuel Garneau-Labrecque • Charly Natalya 
Gilpin • Julia Gilpin • Alfonso Gonzalez De 
Cossio Diaz • Ney Manuel Gonzalez Mejia • 
Enrique Gonzalez Saravia Gavito • Liam 
Gribbon • Ann Gutierrez Velazquez • Mbali 
Gwamanda • Kody Halikas • Wyatt Kimball 
Hamby • Colleen Hamilton • Corey Hamilton 

• Joseph Douglas Harvey • Emma Elizabeth 
Hinton • Christopher-Michel Hodge • Ching 
(Jacob) Huang • Tiffany Huang • Jose Abraham 
Iza Pepping • Andrew Jean • Fabrice Joseph • 
Anand Kantharoup • Sophia Maria 
Kattenbusch • Yu Jin (Cynthia) Kim • Kevin 
Koschitzki • Raphael Lacerte • Olivier Lalonde 

• Benedict Lang • Estelle Larrivee • Felix 
Larrivee • Noemie Larrivee • Vincent 
Lecompte Noel • In Won Lee • Shin Wey 
(Rose) Lee • Shin-Hann (Alex) Lee • Shin-Haw 
(Frank) Lee • Sarah Lefort • Loi'k Lessard • 
Michele Lessard • Sarah Lessard • Olivier 
Letourneau • Chi-Hong Lin »Yuan Liu • James 
Lively • Nicole Lizarraga De Anzorena • 
Arthur Lloyd • Marco Maldonado Ramirez • 
Chelsy Martin • Meghan Martin • Spencer 
Martin • Madina Martineau • David Marx • 
Dumas Maugile • Nicolas Meeus-Defoin • 
Paul Miller • Carla Maria Moises Mena • 
Valeria Murillo Trujano • Hailey Nadeau • 
Dawn Namagoose • Jasmine Namagoose • 
Chor-Yu (Charlie) Ng • Andrew Norris • Emily 
Norris • Jordan Norris • Anchi Bih Numfor • 
Juliet Anchi-Ngum Numfor • Ngwa 
Achuachua Numfor • Sara O'connor • Lucia 
Ortega Sampson • DanielaOrtiz Cortes • 
Alyssa Palmer-Dixon • Anthony Pasquale • 
Kuan-Hua (Roger) Peng • Frida Picazo 
Cisneros • Maxie Plante • Ann-Sophie 
Plinkert • Natasha Podd • Fernanda Politanski 

• Catherine Quirion • Pietro Rizzuto • Francois 
Roberge • Paul Roberge • Matthew Robertson 

• Crisanta Roel Echevarrieta • Maxime Ruel • 
Marc-Olivier Sauriol • Christopher Savory • 
JamesSavory • Stienne Scraire • Sean 
Scribner • Luisa Sofia Sepulveda Castaneda • 
Brittany Sharman • Ryan Smith • Ana Paola 
Solorzano Bernal • Carl St-Jean • Gabriel 
St-Pierre • Madyson St-Pierre • Yueh-Chang 
(Charlie) Su • Adrian Tame Jacobo • MingYi 
Tang • Jessica Tomeo • Jonathan Trembley • 
Elliot Vaillancourt-Girard • Abigale 
Vanluvender • James Vassilakis • Jose Luis 
Villar Murrieta • Kayhla Violano • Lei (Rock) 
Wang • Wei-Hsun (Felix) Wang • Yu-Ying 
(Vivien) Wang • ThomasWenzei • Annik 
Williams • Campbell Wolfe • David 
Wood-Downev • Malcolm Wood-Downey • Zi 
QingYang • ZiYaoYang • Maria Teresa Yarza 
Ruenes • David Zal • Lucas Zwaagstra 

But if you think about it, success is kind of boring in an odd sort of 
way. Failure is a lot more interesting to read about, to study and for 
sure to work on. It’s a universal experience that we can all relate to. 

You may have heard the old saying "Anything worth doing is worth 
doing well." I’d like to challenge you today by using another old saying 
that seems to be the opposite and that is: "If a thing is worth doing, it 
is worth doing badly." 

G. K. Chesterton wrote that line 100 years ago In 1910 in his book 
What's Wrong with the World. That little quotation contains an 
Important insight which is that, when something deserves to be done, it 
deserves a less than perfect attempt so that we can learn how to do it 
better. We might wish we could wait to begin until we had gotten really 

good at it, but that’s usually impossible in the real wor Id 

. Usually we have to do the best we can at 
any given moment, knowing full well that 
the quality of our work will leave 
something to be desired. 

As much as we’d like one, there is no 
shortcutto getting good at something. 

It’s practice that makes perfect. If you 
aren’t willing to make the effort and to 
devote the time to being a beginner for at 
least a little while anyway you’ll never be 
anything more than that. The quickest 
path to becoming an expert is almost 
always through the frustration and 
embarrassment of being a beginner. 

Maybe it’s because we have a tendency to only try things that we think 
we can do well. We're afraid to fail. We're afraid of making mistakes and 
looking bad in front of our friends and family. 

It's not untypical to have that feeling. We're all anxious about being 
exposed as inadequate. As a result, we do the things that we're good 
at over and over. We convince ourselves that we don't really care about 
the things that we don't do so well. 

"If a thing is worth doing it is worth doing poorly" means that there 
are risks in life that are worth taking and that require real courage. 
Even though there is the risk of failure and embarrassment, it may 
still be worth trying. 

Don’t be afraid then to go all out, to try really hard at something 
that you may not have a natural talent for. Don’t let that stop you 
from trying, learning and contributing. 

To take that a step further, let’s apply it to friendship. To 
give you an example, it's easy to ignore people, even 
classmates, whose personalities and backgrounds, whose 
interests, culture, language and colour are different from 
your own. It takes no effort at all to just turn your back and 
forget about even trying to get to know them. There's no 
courage involved in that and it happens all the time. 

It does take courage to reach out to somebody who is 
different from you. It requires courage because it's risky. You 
just might get rejected. You may end up feeling stupid. 

When I think of the Class of 2010, 1 see a close-knit group of 
young men and women. I see friendships that have stood 
the test of early morning assemblies, communal bathrooms, 
bunk beds, hours, road trips, bag lunches and exams. These 
are friendships that will last a lifetime. But how many of 
your classmates did you know when you first came to this school? 

Everydayyou have an opportunity to show courage. Something will 
happen that will require you to make a choice you can reach out and 
choose to take a worthwhile risk or you can choose to run away from 
the situation. 

Let’s face it, the fear of embarrassment and humiliation is real. If you 
try something you're not good at, there are big risks. If you try out for 
a team, you might get cut. If you risk asking someone out on a date, 
you could get turned down. It's not much fun to think about the 
possibility of failure. In fact, it's a bit depressing. The experience of 
falling flat on your face isn't one that we're anxious to add to our 
resume. Failure is something we try to avoid at all costs. 

These kinds of fears cause some people to be paralyzed. They retreat 
into themselves and never risk anything. If you don't try out for the 
team, you won't have to worry about being cut. If you don't ask that 
person you're interested out, you don't have to be concerned about 
getting “no” for an answer. If you don't set high goals in the classroom, 
you don't have to fear not doing well. 

We hope that you'll have the courage to avoid dumb risks and the 

courage to take worthwhile ones. 
The important question is not 
whetheryou will fail, but when 
and above all, what will happen 

- Headmaster Michael 

This year has gone by so fast; 1 can so easily remember the beginning 
when I was trying to decide if I should be the yearbook editor. I went back 
and forth for a while, not knowing if it would be too much of a commitment, 
and it definitely was a huge one, but 1 can say without a doubt that I'm so 
happy I chose to do it. 

The reason you hold this yearbook in your hands is solely because of the 
work of the Spectrum Team. Even if it did get a little crazy and ridiculous, 
thanks for all the hard work; it really paid off. There are too many to name, 
but thankyou to anyone and everyone who had a hand in making this 
yearbook, other than the Thursday crew - truly everything helped along the 

Mr. Murray, I'm not sure how to say how thankful I am for all that you've done 
with this yearbook. At the beginning when I didn't really know what I was doing 
you showed me the ropes and then near the end when everything got 
overwhelming and everyone decided SBS and their snacks were way better 
than yearbook, you were always there to take over and tell me not to worry 
because everything would work out and that we had time. I've I earned so much 
from this experience, in huge part because of you. 

So now, to the Class of 2010; whether you're sitting on the football field with 
old friends at Homecoming, or this has been mailed to you over in Ottawa, 

Vancouver, or Taiwan, let this yearbook be a reminder of all that Stanstead has 
done for you and can do for you in the future. Take advantage of the fact that 
Stanstead is unique in the way that we always have a home we can come back to 
and be welcomed with open arms. 

Wherever you may be or where ever you are going, remember all that Stanstead 
has taught you and all the great memories it has left you with. Whether it's 
remembering Ryan's imitations at all the prefect assemblies, or Dumas' giggle, or 
Ngwa dunking and the gym going wild, and then Fabrice doing it again the next 
game, or your great experiences at CAIS, for soccer or rugby, or just being in the 
student centre at night, spending time with your friends. Think back to your first 
day at Stanstead at orientation; remember how nervous you might have been - with 
no idea of what your time at Stanstead might be like. Now think of the friends and 
memories you made during your time here, and think of all that you have 
accomplished. Most importantly, don’t let fear hold you back from anything, and know 
that you'll always have Stanstead to come back to and remind you of all that you 
are capable of. 

Congratulations to the Class of 2010 and good luck to the future classes at 
Stanstead. Enjoy your time, because I promise, you will miss it. 

Gabie Fleming 

“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.” 
-Dr. Seuss 

(Front left to right) Mrs. Telling, 
Mr. Elliot, Mr Siinard, Mr 'Wells, 
Headmaster W< >lf e, Mr. Telling, 
Mr. Grenier, Mr. Williams, 

Ms. Campbell, (middle) 

Mrs. May, Mme Maurice, 

Ms Grawehr, Ms. Jenss, 

Mrs. Corcoran, Mr. Corcoran, 
Mrs. Elliot, Ms. Hessian, 

Mme Boudreau, Mrs. Garruthers, 
Ms. Crothers,, (rear) 

Mr. Chandler, Mrs. Smith, 

Mr. Rioux, M Foster, 

Mr. Nesbitt, Mr. Var$ I >yke, 

M Prevost, Mr. Planetta, 

Mr. McDouall, Dr. Standage, 

M Belair, Ms. Reynolds. 

Ivlissing: Mme Chartrand, 

Ms. Getty, Ms. Gittens, 

Mr. LaPerle 

Board of 

T ^. 2009-2010 

l directors 

Georges Beanbien - 
Liselyn Adams 
Jonathan Gowen 
Eric Fafard 
Marie- Pier Ciermain 
Ian Jackson 

Sylvie MaclsaacAli Martin- 


Karen Moffat 
John Moses 
Frarw^ ois Paradis 
Matteo Pascjuale 
Matthew Price-Gal lagher 
Yvan Ronsse 
Ron Spaulding 


r , — , 2009-2010 

or 1 rustees 

Liselyn Ada ins 

\X2illiarn Aston Reese 

Me lanie Aubut *93 

VJ Bala ’ 94 

Georges Beaubien ’68 

Philippe Beauregard ’92 

Jim. Campbell 

Peter ( Jarpentieri ’ 78 

George Ghiarelia ’60 

Kai Cho ’04 

Robert C3>lby 

Richard Colt ’49 

Jonathan C x wen ’ 72 

Robert Cowling 

Peter G Daniel ’ 54 

Lucio Del Toro 

Cafeorge Damandopoulos ’94 

Tracey Emms ’ 82 

Eric Fafard 

Barry Gallant 

Marie- Pier Germain ’01 

Robert Hirsh ’87 

Todd Hsu ’92 

Ian Jackson ’82 

Bart Kasowski ’ 89 

Patrick Kelly ’ 85 

Mitch Kotansky 

William Layton ’46 

Joseph Levy ’69 

Samuel MacOallum ’80 

Sylvie Maclsaac 

Ali Martin-Mayer 
Suzy Mcl Toiiald ’95 
l9oug McEwen ’ 76 
Allan Metrick ’ 68 
Karen Moffat 
J. Scott Morgan ’ 75 
John Moses 
John Nadeau '79 
Rebecca Nienkamper ’83 
Zubin Panthaki ’85 
Frang. ois Paradis ’92 
Isabelle Paradis-Cratcliffe ’89 
Matteo Pasquale ’ 74 
Robert Perretta '04 
Angelo Perrotta 
Matthew Price-Gal lagher 
Cirl Remillared-Fontaine 97 
Philip Renaud ’ 89 
Yvan Ronnse 
Amani Sawtiya 
Joel Segal ’75 
Rona Id Spi uldi ng 
Hugh Thompson 
Geoffrey VC/agner ’ 7 1 
Harry Walker ’ 47 
Philip Webster 
Tom "VX/ilHams 
Rosalie VC/ilson ' 90 
Alyson W t x xl-I Y twney 
Ianitt Ycx:> 96 
Genevieve Yong ’97 

Felix Wang, Nick Bauer, Ryarr Bedard, Pietro Antonelli, Felix Boisse, 
In Won Lee, Bobhy Baillergeon, Torn CJastle, Corey Hamilton, Hank 
Chen, Matt Roberston, Blanche DuSault, Flavia Calvar, Ga hr ielle 
Fleming, Birttany Sharman, Malda Alami, Margarita Acero, Jean- 
Phillipe Daigle. (Missing: Max Ruel) 


Sylvain Bergeron, Louis Bergeron. 
Inset Buck Sayer. Missing: 

Richard Roy, Andre Benoit 


Liz Getty 

Tuck SHop 

Sharon Prince, Lucie Roy 


Larry Reynolds, 
A1 Smith, David 
W oodard 

Business Office Maintenance 

Cle merit Jacques, Marie- Jose e Gahoriault, Claude Bourgouin, Marc Bergeron, Mike 
Alicia Jones, He le ne Ledoux Seguin, Garry Roy, Mike Huckins 

Paul Thompson 


Marc Parent. 
Missing: Daryn 


(Front) Sylvie B< ilduc, Nancy Demers- 
McKinnon, Bridget Channell, Linda 
Lang, (back) XX/endy Kimpton, Alta 
Sheldon, Louise Benoit, Diane Middletc 
Maida Benoit 



Donna RicHter, Eryn Hessian, Leri 
l, Reynolds, Ali \X/Hite 




(Front) Marie-Jo Gaudet, Marie-Eve 
Simard, Joanne Carruthers, Joanne 
Ross, (hack) Donna Ricther, 
Suzanne Marrotte 


Yves Lavoie, Catherine Phaneuf, Mark 
Maclure, Martina Horber, Marii > Bousquet, 
Janet Cartmel, Marc Maurice Missing: 

Me lissa Bennett, Adam Haskell, Jonathan 
Langevin, Kishia Marrotte Cameron Moss. 
Jessica Phaneuf, Sasha Powell, Sharon Prince, 
Patrick Rolleston Chase 

Healtb Centre 

Mile ne Boudreau, Andre -Karl 
Be lair 


Ross Murray, LeeAnne Smith, 
Karen Cushing, He le ne Hamel, 
Dugie Ross, Brian Denney 

Christian Williams 

Louise Gittens and Barbara Elliott are both 
retiring after each having had long associations 
with the college. Mrs. Elliot spent 1 1 years as a 
teacher and will be remembered for her 
passion for creative writing, poetry and 
especially for theatre arts. She directed nine 
school plays and every one of them was a first- 
class production. Ms. Gittens began her career 
at Stanstead College as Director of 
Development in 1994 and served in that 
capacity until 2003 when she became a full- 
time teacher. There she was able to impart her 
love of English to her students. Our sincere 
thanks to both for their fine record of service to 
the college and good luck in retirement. 

Francine Maurice and Claudine 
Chartrand are both veteran teachers 
who have played important roles with 
the College and our Languages 
Department - Mme Chartrand since 
1999 and Mme Maurice since 2004. 
Mme Chartrand will be remembered 
for her contributions to the tennis 
team, while Mme Maurice's passion 
for cooking and global issues will be 
hard to replace. We will miss their 
expertise, positive personalities and 
experience. We thank them for their 
many outstanding contributions to our 

Two years ago we said goodbye to 
Susan Telling when she retired as 
the head of Webster House. Since 
then Sue has continued to work as 
our Round Square representative 
and our Community Service 
coordinator. She will be leaving that 
post later this summer and we thank 
her again for her fine work with 
those important programs. 

After three years at the helm of the Senior Boys 
Hockey Spartans, teacher and coach Chris 
LaPerle has stepped down to take on a coaching 
position with the McGill University Redmen. He will 
also be getting married this fall to College trustee 
Ali Martin-Mayer. Mr. LaPerle's leadership allowed 
the Spartans to build on the level of excellence 
they had achieved over the previous 10 years. 
This past year saw the Spartans join the Midwest 
Prep Hockey League, where they finished at the 
top of their division. We wish him the best of luck 

in Montreal. 

Dick Nesbitt arrived at Stanstead College two years 
ago along with his famously loud sports jacket. He 
has taught a number of courses, worked in University 
Guidance, and was a popular addition to Bugbee 
House as assistant house director this past year. We 
wish him good luck as he moves on to an 
international school in Mexico City. 

Teacher Daniella Grawehr joined us for one 
year appointments in September from 
Switzerland and has returned to teaching in 
her native country. She was a mature and 
dependable presence as assistant house 
director in Colby House and a supportive 
teacher in and out of the classroom. We 
hope that she will visit us again soon. 

We also say goodbye to Marie-Jo Gaudet, who 
coached the girls hockey team through a highly 
successful season while also working in the 
Admissions Office. We wish her the best of luck in 

her future endeavours. 

iargarita Acero 




First off, I’d like hef thank my dad for this amazing o^>portunity. J 
you. You’ve stuqk by my side through everything and 1 1 
also like to thank Mr. Chandler who always kept me motivatetfnd pushl 
when I would cOmplain about ev^fything. Yoli have taught me so much an 
Next, my little dolby girls, oh my, are all of you crazy! You'jfrall amazing af 

jiever survived it here without 
me down*! loye you. I’d 
do my-best all year, even 
kt thank you enough. 

youYemy little sisters forever. Now 
Icacaca Fabiola. Britt’s really good jokes? 

[who she was talking to. Malda, the meanest 
[EVERY DAY and baked fur, me w henever I 
Ifun-size work out mexicana. Jen, my frenchv baby. 

| friend ^i^Sf?!irey ear arM^ggremways honest witl 
JBE, tabs, chjiM|Fwaaangs! Jamie my\ecn 
fmiss you, tomatpf’Thjtfyear has flown by and ! just 

irt? “Which 
"wrong name 
ol. Gabie, my roomie. yo|i 
ret. Blanche, SEAgpln' (my o|tl 
iw to the guys, vince, yo' 
e, ev enJ&t w as too din 
lover. Kevin, you're su 
'ant to thank all of y 

Iforgotten to/rfentiotf. You are truly the reason I wilj never be able 
IthankfulJFam to have you in my life. I will miss y|u all aTHLjieyeiJorge t an 


re actually mowing 
tened to me vent 
roomie!) Carla, my 
een my brother & best 
etimes. Felix, 

LLY. I’m going to really 
e rest I may have 
:ruly explain to you all how 



It's over for be. The 6 years I have spent here bite been somthof the be: 
probably the best of my six-yey:y|&)reer and probably the busiest 
move on but I will alway s remember ^^mfe^W’and the memories I have hi 
Mr. Elliot who has fclways been there for me, Mr. Chandler for pushing me 
you I never w^ttld have had such a great year, Mr. Simard and Grenier f< 
ever had. Ngwy^^i, Iwist^Tbuld see those yellow pants), Felix (I'll 
Won (where do yoi^o wheniyfeappear?), Fabi (yea you knw im loo 

jy life. This^year haS'lTe'^n 
memetfable. I’m ready /t< 
hank you to my adyi/ 
jy as a prefect 
orw^best-^ports season I 
'u next year roommate). In 
it u), you guy^ape the fyest and 

I'll always remember yom Corey (don’t throw a pencil), Matt and Piejgpfixidying hard all tll^kme,,,Tom, 
Jamie, Dumas, Ryan, Montreal was fun. Fernanda (I s|ill have my half of the heart), Mayte (I miss u at my 
table), Vale (I'm sraj almost ran u over), Andrea (not extra small). To the wolf pack Ann (Phil) a) 

Doug) u guys were the best advisees. Flavia, all the best next year for u, Chelsy (ur too sneaky) 
urse how could I forget Anchii bih, I didn’t forget you... u are amazing and I'm really going to 
love u. Finally, thank you to mom and dad and Jen for always supporting me and always being tl 
I needed a h a nf yo'fr very much. Thanks to everyone else for a wonderful year 

ss you. 
f re when 


Ryan Bedard 

Wow, four years at Stanstead College. This has been the quickest four years of my life! I guess time flies 
when you’re having fun. Thank you, mom and dad, for all your support and for giving me the chance to 
come back here year after year. You guys are amazing, the best parents a kid could ask for. I want to 
thank Mr. Rioux and Mr. LaPerle for another amazing hockey season. Thanks for all the hard work you 
put in every day ALL year long to make it the best it can be. Mr. Woolgar, good luck in the future! I want 
to thank Mr. Chandler for being one of the best role models a kid could ask for. You have always been 
there for me. I hope to stay in touch forever! Mr. G, I respect you so much. If I am half the man you are in 
the future, I will be a happy man. Thank you for your inspiration, and just pure awsomeness. Bros. FB, JL, 
TC, DM, NB, CH, IWL, MS, MR, NN, MR, and HC. I love you guys. You’re the best group of friends anyone 
could ask for. The French connection, you guys are awesome, see you at the gym. If I forgot anyone you 
know who you are. Juliet, I can write a book. I love you so much. Thank you for another great year. Words 
cannot describe how you make me feel. Don’t worry about distance, baby, I know we’ll make it through, I 
know we’ll find each other, I’ll love you forever! Thank you for always being there for me I wouldn’t want 
it any other way, I love you so much. Thanks, Stanstead College, for everything, I will miss you so much! 

It’s over!! My four-year Stanstead career is over!! I can’t believe it. First of all, I have to say thanks to my 
parents for giving me this opportunity to come to Stanstead and supporting me from the first year to the 
last year. Secondly, I have to say thanks to teachers and coaches. I really enjoyed my last rugby season; 
Coach G’s skills development and games, also LaPerle’s crazy fitness. Finally, a big thanks to my friends: 
AK, RB, TC, CH, NN, FB, NB, IWL, DM, JL, and my roommate, Maxime. Good luck to all of my friends. 
Enjoy your college life or another Stanstead life!!! 

Felix Boisse 

of a place 



i in $earcn or a place 
bee |ere ■Within this 
berb%anst^fd has 
fill for. While the time ® ■. 



e outsi 


the teachers 


L S, 

It’s hard to believe that my three years at Stanstead are coming' to an eni 
to call home but instead what I found is a family. There is no way I 
confined space of 275 words. There are simply too many peoplktofthanld to' 
changed me in infinite ways; it has given me a new view on life, ofteJhax I wit 
spent inside the classroom will serve me throughout my lifetime, it is what I ha : 
classroom that will truly impact my future. Before I give shout outs to my friends/ 
have impacted me the most: Mrs. May (you are simply the best teacher I have ever ha 
Mr. Elliot (you are simply THE man) and Mr. G (I admire your intensity). What I will rente 
are the friendships I have made, those that began three years ago and will last a lifetime. My be 
In Won, I love you guys. My roommate Ryan, Fabrice, Corey, Lively, Tom, Anand, Matt, Duifias, the French guy 
(special shout out to the creatine boys), the Mexicanas (Carla, Fabiola, Andrea, Nicole, MayteJuUcia, even yoy 
Anchi Bih, Juliet, Margarita, Chelsy, Flavia, Colleen. Sorry to whoever I’m forgetting, my tedmmatps, my cla 
my teachers, you all mean the world to me. Best of luck to all the grads, I know we will meet in the future./ 

Flavia Calvar 


Thomas Castle 

my report card! I would like to thank all the girls! 

Lively, Ryan Bedard, Dumas Maugile, Matt Robertson, Felix Boisse! 1 

I would like to start with thanking the whole Bedard family for letting me stay at their house on 
numerous occasions. Next on the list are my hockey coaches J.R and C.PJa r all the help they hav^iven 
me, and a special thanks to Mr. Corcoran, my advisor, for always looking on the bright side when shown 
my report card! I would like to thank all the girls! Now to the moSp®iportant part of this write up. Jamie 

va Numro^Mck Bauer, In Won 

Lee, and all the guys on the hockey team/any' 
hope you all receive the success you deserve i(fli 
bailed me out and all the hockey trips with R.B 
Castle residence! All the trips to Montreal with 
else that came. In the end it was a great two-year 

I forgot lo mention. You guys made my year and I 
Y! I will always remember the trip to Montreal when J.L 
M.R and D.M. all the fun times, Ryan visiting the 
i. Jamie, I lumas. Felix, In Won, Matt, and everyone 
Jjberience. I hope the school continues to grab people 
all over the world! Words can't express what you mean to me. I leave you with a quote! 

“My style is impetuous. My defense is impregnable, and I'm just ferocious. I want your heart. 1 want to 
eat his children. Praise be to Allah!”- Mike Tyson 

Hank Chen 

- Veni Vidi Vici (T&L) 

On life's journey faith is nourishment, virtuous dee 
mindfulness is the protection by night. If a man lives a pure life, notl 

It is hard to find a friend. It is hafdio leavecNqend. But 
before you can meet again. Apd meeting again after a 


are a shelter, 













t goodbyes 
certain for 








who took 
ordito. / 

u were the on 

In Won, this one is for yo 
me in. You were the only 

babe. You were the one Vvho made things 
ling I could count on, above all, you were 

Daniel Escaravage 

mon chum, ca 
'enfance. Sam 

pi je te considere deja cor nme^Jjpjteit un de 
d’ange dans le dos. cafaft e <mfcie 'Ti’ai rit une 
ami de longue date, roommafe^irank partner, 

Fortugno, mon churn, ca fait juste un ans qu’i 
mes amis d'eflfthce. Sam, le gars qui a finalemenfl 
shot avec toi cette annee, je vais m’en souvenir. Late,' 
c’est rendu qu’on n’a des chicanes de vieux couple tellement qu’on n’a passer de temps ensemble. Loik, le 
sosi de mon bo-pere, je pourrai pu venir te deranger avant que tu te couche quand je vais au gym le matin. 
Lecompte, fini les pranks sur toi, si je fais de la business plutard c’est clair que je te veux comme associe, 
d’ici ce temps la prend tout tes shakes. Lalonde, le gars qui veut qu’on sache qu’il a beaucoup de culture 
general, tes mon bon chum pareil. Sauriol, le gars qui c’est tout, je suis pu facher contre toi meme si ta 
pisse sur ma porte six fois. Pat, le gars des peripecies, tu riais trop pendant que tu m’est comptait , je 
comprenais rien. Robertson, the Man, too many things to tell about you, I love u. Bob Daigle Marley, King 
du softness. Ruel, le lover, une chance que je t’avais dans mon advisor. Dumas, everybody’s budddy, tu fais 
bin toujours rire. Ryan, the guy that can interpret all the staff of Stanstead perfectly, one word... good job 
buddy. Boisse, the bright guy, “le rugby c’est pas un sports dangereux”: ta eu une commotion, un genou 
peter ... pour la premiere fois, j’ai bien faite de pas t’ecouter. Swann le marier, tu m’a fait rire cette annee pi 
c’etait un plaisir de jouer sur ta ligne. Boulos, le sentimental, “le coach la... y s’en ****** de toi’ , JTM, on va 
tu danser coller? Lacerte, la peste, le nerfique, tu va manquer. Aucoin t’es trop solide, une vrai shape 
d’homme maintenant. Dr. Felix, meme si je te connaitrais pas, je saurais que t’es un goaler. Jamie Lively 
from Aunmore, BC and Tom Castle de bridge remix, thanks for the hockey season and the great year, guys. 

Two years here and how time seems to have flown by this year. It seems only yesterday I was walking back 
onto campus and seeing all my old friends and a lot of new faces. It's hard to believe that it is finally coming 
to an end. So many memories, I don’t know where to begin. Guess I’ll start at the beginning. James V (no I 
still can’t spell your last name), Max Cadrin, Robyn Diamond, you guys have been like my best friends since 
September. We had a lot of good times chillin, all the mad hours playing COD, I’m going to miss all of that 
next year. My rugby bros, Ngwa, In Won, Felix, Nick, all of you guys, this season was great, I’m going to miss 
the team and the game. Colleen, my sister, and Anchi, you got everyone to think I’m a serial killer and I 
it stuck cuz I was given an award for it at grad. Fer Diaz, Andrea, my Mexican swimming friends, I think my 
skin still has marks from all that slapping at the finals. Grad this year was awesome and for those who don’t 
know, its called a kilt not a skirt, and there is traditionally nothing worn under it. Last but certainly not least 
I’d like to thank my parents for sending me here. These last two years have been perhaps two of the best of 
my life. There is so much more that I can’t fit in here, which is unfortunate. Well, have a great summer 


d Dylan for 
hank you 
of you. Tbupy 
h a grel 

tffis^nguins I’ll 

Wow, two years have flown by faster than I could’ve imagined. First, th&nksj M 
everything you have done for me. I owe you everything fur getting me where I 
Mr. Van Dyke, Ms. Hessian, Mr. Grenier, Mr. Wells, and Ms, Gfttensfor all tb 
knowledge you gave me throughout these past two years; fv©d«arned stQtnui 
soccer girls, the season was amazing and I’ll never forget it. Corey, than 
friend all year, I won’t forget all the good times in Mexico. Vincent, every tihp 
think of you! Matt, thanks for making the end of the year so memorable and tl 
me get the big break! Blanche, keep shining! My Colby girls, you’re all crazy, but 
forget any of you! Margarita, my roomie, thanks for always being there for me and JefTEe best vent 
sessions every night! Thank you to everyone for these past two years, they’ve been great and I’ll mij 
you all! 

Congratulations Class of 2010; we made it! Good luck wherever you may end bp! 

“Take what you can from your dreams, make them as real as anything.” -DMB 

I have a lot of great memories in my life about family friends and hockey most of all. Tins year was/ery 
special for me and for once it wasn’t only about hockey! First of all I have to talk about my two GY 
BODY, Olivier and Dan. Les boys, grace a vous je suis i^evenu un gars de gym intense pfje leves deux 
plate au bench! (225 livres) J’aimer^is-atissiu^mercier toute l’equipetde hockey. On emit solide p/iis la 
j’ecris en francais parce que le trols-quart de l’equipe etait quebecois klors! Love you Hoci 
too! Mes voisins d’en face Lojk et Vincent, ca ma fais plaisiiNTentrer daps votre chambre di? 
fois! Dumas my roommate, mayjwyou're no t the cleanest guyin your robm, but you're definite 
the funniest guy I ever mel/in tfjy life! And finally, the person that gave mtSiie best memories o 
Lucia Ortega. She’s the lo\fe of my life and I will never forget her. Do yo 
When we were so shy aboij| talking to each other? / Your birthdajj^^^ftTBerTre^^PWBng! An 
birthday when you didn’t announce it and didn't even gm^ltemy cake? V^nQnt’s Day? The be, 

March break in Mexico? I remember, and those wejedftfe most beautiful rilmn'ents of my life and I Know 
are going to have much more befem6eXkwe«ytiCM even if the sjbt^ol y^Sr is almost over, we are 
because you stole my heart. 

Te amo para siempre! Je t’aime pour la vie mon ange! 


Samuel Garneau-Labreque 

When I look back at the year I just spent at Stanstead College, it is impossible for me to remember all the 
good times I had here with my friends. As much in the classrooms as in the donns, this year has been 
extraordinary for me. I met people that I didn’t know at the beginning o{ the year, I made some friends 
that I am sure are going to last longer than my passage at StanstemiL I will remember forever those study 
periods that I lost in Davis basement because it is the only thing yofean do there, lose your time and have 
fun with your friends. I will also remember Dan La Sauce ending up bOTfg the onl y one h jrcffg rj&agen 
eminems in the Stats class and the God knows hftjirnany meetings with Mr Rioi^x. This year made me 
progress as a person, as a student and also as aifpmete. It prepared me forihe things I am going to face 
next year and even the years after. I want to thank all the teachers for th^time they spend with us and for 
their availability all year long, especially Mr. Riouk ^d Mr. LaPerle for the great hockey season I had and 
for every minute of their time they took helping me^also want to thank my parents because it wouldn’t 
have been possible without their support and help throughout the year. I am leaving great memories in 
Stanstead but I think I am leaving with even better things. 

Anthony Fortugno 

/ /T/t d 

Anand Kantharou 


en m 

After a lopg-iQduratj 
being in stanstead 
who were always he' 
opportunity to 

associates are like a 

matter what, and they will'^y&iys be‘%gart of my i 
noodle?’ (C.D): ‘Undercover 
be better than you in Stats!’ 
now?’ (L.L): ‘Merci pour le mien 
playing VDO games!’ (S.B): 
late for assembly, take food fronr'otRfers and la; 
OF THEM! Lastly, I would like to thank the te, 

I was down. I wouldn’t have graduated if it w; 
would make my life complete?f€AVT ‘Thanks 
and E.H, Thank You! Whether you’re return? 


fearlessriess of thl Spartans, the extjj 
ome to an end. Thanks to-tbe great four 
:eed in life. Without them. 1 would nev 
reat'^chool wijh its MARVELOUS ; 

" " ei 

Yg yo L 

I do like A I or 
.VJM.B, R.F 
h like a donke 
sn’t for them.f 
being a ! 
to SC ot 


‘You want 1 

; ma. 

ke moni 

ey I 


, and (D.M.F.J III): ‘wake up 
! am glad Jsbat Fve met him’...ALL 
1 me and supported me whenever 
: the missing puzzle jpiece that 
5 G, L.G, C.P, C.C^JjklVft A.e/ 

; to you all! 

Cynthia Kim 

ft is absolutely crj&zy how my last 
m^de so many g£od memories an 
of my family. I would like to thanl 
had some rough times here, 1 could get thro 
a lot, modi, and dad, and I love^SiBP^l 
! You guys were always there 1 
I hoh^stly do not know hi 
yill never end 

at by so fast. Being her! 


life at S( 
and enii 

r at SC we 

et lots o^'good people. All of these gf 
my parent^ for trusting mellid believing 
;h it all becausjf my parents ■ 
friends! Bk 
'st five years, 
to survive next yea 
eep in touch. Fojr last, my 
It wa&really a pleasure to havej 
£r! Definitely 111 always carry anaupd all good 
Tew life next year! %id...\.. Yessssssssssss^Sss 

Olivier Lalonde^ 

ul ye 

h ev 

years was ^'lo| of fun. I 
k jgs could hdppen because 
time. I know I 


you guys! I love you 
>r Mme Maurice =] 
is my advisor. Still 
taies I had here with me 
'OUT OF HERE!!!!! =] 

ne andjfehas built kmg- 

fhis experience has come to an jjnd. It hasten a wonder^ . ^ w ^ 

lasting memories. I loved the experience pf being irwrresidence ana ^feting, f©pd ana drinks with-the 
guys. Ryan coming to me for Gatorades orDumas for soups. Special thanks to Dumas, my personal barber. 
The hockey season was great, a lot of victories and fun. Sharing rooms with different pl ayers, g ggtgin the 
bus at least five^ursewh weekend watching all kinds of movies. Hanging btit in>fiWs and Lpik’s 
room, watching s^lvilleor ju st doin ^^thin^on Sunday nights. The one and only I.etourneau who 
always said that he was gohjg to prank you but ends up being pranked anirangry. The mdWJfhig gym crew 
who woke everybody inlhe basement, but now it is fun to think aboUrfnat because it makes something to 
rite about. Finally, toanks to all my friends, special thanks to my parents who gave me the opportunity to 
ome here and I am glad to say that I have made really [good friends during my year in Stanstead \ 

Noel Lecompte 

This year was so special and very funny but sadly it’s over and I want to take this chance to say to 
everyone that I love you and that I passed a great year with you guys. First of all, mon grand chum Loik 
who is also my roommate, on a eu des bon moments ensemble, on a passer par toutes les emotions mon 
chum. Les boys du basement de Davis, guys we had so much fun and thanks for not pranking me. Dan qui 
est toujours tout nue, Letourneau et sa musique, Anand et ses nouilles, Lalonde et e’est questions, tony et 
son gym le matin, Dumas qui rie. Thanks to you guys for making this year one that I won’t forget for sure. 
I had so much fun with you I and I met a lot of great people here, Pietro et frank je vous oublie pas non 
plus avec toutes les nieseries qu’on a fait. I’m not talking about everyone in this but I won’t forget any 
friends that I made here. Vous allez toutes avoir une place dans mon Coeur. 

Je vous aimes. 

bast three year#'" — 1 
rxpect more things oat. 

|s forgiving flie this 
WGaMeJthat ’m sure 
%„Ci>a ch.C h a nd 1 e r , I r' t 
ofjyjie field. Thank Vi 
hanks Mr. VDalftMJo&.l 
StlsmSbthen I wasnlt— 

It’s already time to leave the place that has been my home away from hi 
Stanstead has been a life-changing experience. Throughout ^taiTStead I 
of myself and to achieve things up to my capability. I would like to than 
fortune. Thanks to the teachers and coaches, all the lessons I ^ffh^m y< 
they will help me go through any adversity that I will face imfuture/Spi 
was lucky to have a conductor like you who understands his players so 
you, Mrs. White for the times that you spent with me to get me in a good chi’ 
for widening my knowledge in science. Thank you my friends for walking with 
ready to follow you or lead you, you stayed with me and walked along. Felix 

will miss waiting for you 24/7) and Nick (the most reliable), simply thank you. My ex-roi 

(remember the last defeat of drop kick game), Jamie, Dumas, Anand, Fabrice, Corey/Tom, Hank, 
Margarita, Gabie and Juliet, thank you all for the good memories. Dear Flavia, I was fo©-most fortu 
this year because I had you to lean on. The smiles that you put on my face ever/ dayf I won’t 
anything. So many memories like T&L, looking for the right restaurant, walking with you, IGA, 2 
are so many. 275 words won’t possibly convey our memories or my feelings. Youhie beejythe one 
Love you, my lady. 

- 1 do the best imitation of myself. 

Finally... I finished my three years at Stanstead College. I have wonderfhl personal memories and gra&t 
experiences that no one else does. I want to thank my teachers who gave me chances t|fjlearn and gain 
knowledge. Mr. G, my super advisor, thanks for your help! You alwa/s supported me ygfenever I had 
problems. Mr. Simard and Mr. Chandlfii^xnytwo funny teachers, thafaks for making jofes for melA'ou let 
me laugh a lot and I will miss bqth of you! I was. very lucky to have two brothers, Frank an 
school with me. Also I want tprthank my Taiwane^ friendVespecially\elix Wang!!!!! I am rertunate to 
have met you guys at Stansfc 

lege. Good luck jn the fu 

m sure 

or me. 

Rose Lee 

Loik Lessard 

ting. Through all the pranks ^nd jokes, we had a 
here I met the most amazing and important person 
e world, in a great way. You are the reason why I go 
ou impacted my life in such a great way, I will never 
:o next year, but you want to know something? I 
i. You are my one and only. Te amo. This year has 
: friendships that were born here are not like any 

Michele Lessard 

First of all I would like to thank my parents for giving me the opportunity of coming to this school, tivet 
though there are a millions rules about everything, we all adapted to them andh^he end, this year has 
been a great year. I met new people from all over the world, and made friends that will last forever. 
Stanstead has a great campus, but most of the action took place indhe basement of Davis; Anaad likalika 
lot Thai noodles, Dumas and his chicken, Fortugno in the gym, LetobrneSrend his girly legs, if an and 

his plastic bags filled with well some kind of “liquid.” Lalonde, alw^kbtjrere tosay^n^^mg thing at 

the wrong time and Jamie with his B.C. way of sj 
really great time, boys. Stanstead is also the pla[ 
in my life: Ann. You changed the way I see the 
out of bed every morning since the day I met yo 
ever forget you. I know you are going back to Mex! 
don’t care how far you will be, I will always love you.Kou are m; 
been a great year, filled with ups and downs, but the friendsh: 
others, and they will, I hope, last a long time. See you guys ! 

Wow, my last year at Stanstead is almost over! Time goes so fast here and I wish I could slow it down. I 
honestly had the time of my life, and it is because of all of you. First, I want to talk about my boyfriend, 
Swann, because he is the very first person I saw when I arrived two years ago, and even then, I knew he 
was THE one. Mon amour, I could have never imagined feeling something so strong for someone. Not 
only did you make my experience at Stanstead better, you changed my life and you changed me. You are 
so important to me and I will never let you go! Je t’aime de tout mon cur, et plus que tout au monde 
Bebou! Jen and Sara, mes belles pitounes, I had so much fun with you this year! Jen, t’es pas nounoune, 
but try to remember that Roger Federer is not black! Sachie, I will never forget your laugh and all the 
faces you have that made me laugh a thousand times. Juliet, I really appreciated that you were always 
there to check if there was something under my bed. And by the way, I am the one who played with the 
water of the shower all year to make you believe there was a ghost in our bathroom, sorry Juju! For all the | 
hockey players, I want to say that I really do like hockey, but that the school seemed really empty without 
you guys. I also want to thank my parents for giving me the chance to live this experience with my brother 
Loik and my sister Sarah. Finally, good luck to everyone who graduates this year! 

know what to 
To my laml^Tthanks for 
emories frgm this place that 
specially. o»4he hockey 
fun even though 


.H, H.C, M.R, M.S, A.K 
ou guys pranked way 
LL I’ll miss you. And 
and hopefully I’ll see all 


V * 

Dumas Maugile 

I|/like to start off by thanking my parents for sending i 
years of my life. I'm glad that I made the choice to com< 

Stanstead i 
anstead < 

flege It ha 

have be 



jtears ot my tile, rm glad tnat I made tne ciroice to come 
had the opportunity to have met my friended like to thlank 
through the good times and„the bad timef when I needed them 
pass the year aha thank you. Jamie, thank you for everything, buddy, best 
you. Anand aha you're the funniest Asian f have ever met. Tom-tom, it has 
eight years. I wish. yocRhe best. See you if England. Ryan bruv, cheers, ,/ 
year with hockeyShish you the best^ptel l your mum I said thanks fj 
Matt, it's been sick two years with you, cheers. Hank^you're the tank. In Won Lee, best 
Cornell. Felixxxx, good Luck in Western, you too, Nick. Lalonde, I'm going to miss your 

been a good two 
would hgve-pever 

en with , 

and for ! 

i tO ! 



as dopdTor me. 
tp you in 

good luck buddy, it's been fun. Letourneau, going to miss you simply making me laugh every stogie day, 
pod luck to you. Nwgay, I still can't believe you dunked this year, good luck next year, you shoe 

Sam. you’re the man, going to miss you, buddy, good 1 

laying American football, you're sick. Sam, you re tne mu 

BL. Dan, who is everybody’s buddy, miss you buddy. Loik you made school fun, you’re the manjyabriceT 

best of luck with basketball, hogpiba go far. Vince, reminding me to go to assembly every day, appreciate 
it. Antony jMg^^^pjttfyou , roommaflywe had f un this year. Corey, don’t list to them, you won't be a 
killer, you^^ie. Best of luck in the future^l^l^SSre thank yous for making the Thft fun. 

Juliet Anchi*Ngum Numfor 

Wow! Three years have flown by and I've done my time here, finished with high school! It's been a true 
rollercoaster ride but totally worth it. When I first got here my attitude was terrible and I was miserable all 
the time, but with friends, an incredible boyfriend and amazing teachers, I became so much more 
optimistic and a much better person. There are so many memories, but these 275 words limit my space on 
sharing those. I just want to take this time to thank everyone and give a few shoutouts. Thanks to some of 
my amazing teachers, coaches, and advisor: Ms Hessian, Mrs. May, Mr. Chandler, and of course Mr. Van 
Dyke! Y’all mean the world to me and have done so much for my life, thank you! I have made lifelong 
friends here, most of which were not here this year but for those who were, I love you all so much! Britt, 
Moldy, Margo, Flavey! Felix (fun times wrestling in soc) Michele, bathroomy, the entire year I spent 
pretending there were ghosts in our room, there weren’t any, it was ALL me! Sorry, love you, take care. 
Finally my boo boo! Ryan there's so much to say to you but so little room. But the most important thing 
for you to know is that I love you so much and you are truly an incredible person. I’m so glad you chose 
me. Its' me and you until the end, babe. Stanstead, always in my heart. Class of ’10, congratulations and 
good luck with your futures. ...and never forget, live everyday as though it were your last! 

Two years have already gone by. Studying at Stanstead College was one of those lifetime opportunities 
that everybody wishes they could have. I met so many people that 1 am never going to forget. J-P mon 
chum, bonne chance a Ottawa pi avec tous les tes projets en tete. Letourneau, le gars qui est sa sauce, 
mais que meme Charlie NG pourrait mettre a terre. Je n’est pas ete trop present cette annee, on se 
reprendra dans les prochaines, on y ira a vos places de the. Les deux meilleurs chum qu’on peut avoir ca. I 
cannot talk about my senior year and forget to mention all the good times I spent with her. Kelly Foran 
from Pembroke, Ontario, you are the best girlfriend that anybody could get, you are so cute and I hope 
this relationship will keep on going for a long, long, long time. Je t’aime beaucoup. 

Sans oublie mes parents a qui je leur doit enormement de m’avoir donnee la chance d’aller etudier dans 
un college comme celui-ci ! Et toi mon frere qui ma supporter comme un chef pendant mes deux ans, je 
sais ses deux annees a Stanstead nous on separe un peu, mais, a partir de cet ete on recommence a etre 
ensemble. Je t’aime, Alex. 

Wow... Four years later and my Stanstead College journey is^Lthe end 
thank you to my parents. They were tough.... But at the end of the dqy 1 

Ngwa Achuachua Numfor 

t off, I gotta say * 
ol would be the 

hhr she would 
,ou aj^by any more 
older sister Juliet.( 
will sta5 

furfcyear with you."" 

experience I needed to start reaching my potential. So thahks, ,09051 and dad. I 
make this year so I gonna say goodbye to my baby sister Ancrn. It hurts 1 can i 
but guess all big brothers have to realize this eventually. Ohyeahfslow down. 

Thanks for the money. Thanks, both of you. Our school time together ends' 
forever. OK, now for my friends. Chelsy, don’t be so sneaky next year. Jamie^ 

Tom, Dumas, my (combined) 3 A black brothers from England. Corey H, don’t kil 
grow up. Matt, always had something funny to say. Flavia, you will forever haunt m 
wasting food. Blanche, it’s too bad I never got to you everything I wanted but good Jutknext year 
whatever you do. Gabie, my bio buddy, Ryan, I know the last years I have been Juliet's brother instead bf 
Ngwa (jk) but thanks for the fun times. Nick Bauer, four years later and I finally gojztos&e your house 
Don’t worry, wel'l stay in touch. Felix, good luck wherever you go, I hope you ;take ! after Big boisse an 
pursue your dreams. In Won, don’t get killed off in the military, we will chill iri'q couple years. Arfd Fabi 
Jo. My brother, AKA speedy, good luck with bball and life. I kno u can do whateVer-u-want. Goqdbye 
Stanstead... We will meet again. 

Sara O'Connor 

!! Ma 

I would like to start by thanking my parents for thf| |mazing opportunity; Merci maman et papa, j'apprec 
tous les sacrifices que vous avez fait pour moi! I cairt believe my time at Stanstead Coljige after 4 years is 
already over. It went by so fast. I'll keep a lot of great memories from this school. I mail friendships that I’m 
sure will last for a long time... Let's start to talk about the people I dpn’t want to forgqrabout... J^p: chu vrmt 
contente de tavoir conu, j’ai pleins^S^eaiBrsQijyenirs avec toi et faut garder contact... JE TAIME 
ptite Michie, j’ai passer du bon, temps avec toi et jai hate a lannee prodhaine a cause quon^ 
ensemble.. <3 JP: Je suis tellemenKkmtente de tavoir rencoritrer et quota ce soit rapprocher cette ; 
vraiment passer du bon tenjps pec toi et je vais tellement menh'uyjn de toi lannee prochaine , jT 

i lannee et faut continuer a se voir enaTre4an n^Naro chaine.. Je taib 
ous aurait pas ete pared/, je vais mennuyer de vous.. .bonne 

Sashie: Jai eu du fun avec 
hockey guys, l’annee sans 
prochaine.. Vince et Loik: 

: suis contente de vous' avoir con 

:te anneee, j 

5tTfun avec vfeus da$s 

mes cours et jespere quon v\garder contact.,. -Thanks fe^TT for making ttjk^dfyear a good year..\j wirt miss/ 
you.. I would like to end this wHt^up by wi shing^ tftfa luck to everygja€in^ne coming years. 

Matthew Robertson 

First I would like to thank my parents again, for this opportunity to come back this year. This yej 
been incredible from start to finish with its ups and downs. Kickin’ it with the bqvs on hockey road trip 
to sleep overs in Davis, this year has been amazing. Then there were my roommates, Pietro and Nick, it 
was real, but Nick is a bum. Jamie, Ryan, Tom, Dumas, the hockey road trips were fun, despite the amount 
of sleep lost on some. Though we weren’t in the same dorm, we ha^! good times that I will remember for a 
long time. I had so much fun with hockey and it’s too bad it didn’t aroi&g work out fori^Bre season, but 
I still had a blast. I had so much fun this year wj^everything and I’m going to miss it all. Thanks to all of 

, you know who you ariytnd I’ll miss you. I don’t 
,e enjoyed going to school with everyone and wish 
: two years have been great and I’ll remember them 

the people that made this year so memorable f< 
know what else I can say about this group but 
everyone best of luck next year and after. These 



Marc-Olivier Sauriol 

I wouldiike to si 

y to come for a second year. I 
ough. My year hap its usual ups 
experiences. I will never thank 
helped me to find the real me 
Riouxfl^aif rle and Mr. 
en if it kills mi that 1 might 
ives, we'will meet again. I wish 
iJoudest people: yii earth. but it’s 
leand Fer, HWTyou an! Pat, 
but I think we just .helped each 
this suafiher, bro. Finally, fny 
ir so nrpeh better. SSS for life! I 
l.jmportant for me — \ 

family for giving me the opportu 
x me, and I will never be grateful 
lefped me grow up and.gaindj fetj 
; he'has done for rnt. Serious hyt 
ms witn^ mi^ThanEfv^ ij also tolv 
‘dale that are now ©y friendsjnc 

and dowrfs, buj every moment ju; 

Mr. Chahdl«rtnough for \very^ 
and I will never forget my; 

Grenier. This year, I met Ipjiy 
never see the majority of them ag 
everyone the best, you deserve it. 
impossible not to love them. Andrea, Fabiola, Ma; 
you are the best roomie. Ryam I know you and , pi 
other more than anything, Elliptj thanks fi 
best discovery this year byi far ^yas Boulos 
know I’m missing many people, but it s foi 
“Winning isn't everything, butivatuing to 

id our, little co: 
£ gdod timespl’f si 
SwanmJfeu made 
ire not becausly|u| 
1 is.” -Vince USlllbr 

Brittany Sharman 

and everyone aj; home. I 
tehes I have Jrad these last 
Isisthanks to afkmy friends 
illiipments that define us. 

tyvo years. You feally changed metis a studerit and athlete. No* for my frieiu 
who have stayed by my side through all the good and bad times. Those are tt 
For ma hockey ladies, you girls never failedi to amaze me opine ice and off. t 
this year with omy 12 players was nolhing short of amazing and Europe jdst 
memorable. I’ll mis§ you ladies <3. AGATHA + BERTHA ^ MARGRET-ANNE 
I’ll never forget the brpmories we have ma<|e1Sefe,jKfst two years. Yofl girls z 
could ever askTor.^dfo^Gad for everyonej^iifyou ladies are MINE. The u 
while at Stanstead will last long after we hfye left. Whether it be onthe field, 
night^|i»i*^8ml03 there was never a dull moment with yoy«fiS 4 gies, J^ove yoi 
Qlhefmends, good luck to those of you whoWe leaving and those^Tho are s 

e the best friends any girl 
breakable bond we formed 
earing it up in Montreal or 
0 c|puys <3 . To all my 
lyjlg, enjoy your time here. 

Gabriel St-Pierre 

.naged togp througfT silt, ; ! 
he heiaitf^condlyljr^Jfmnds', 
Foster. Even though , 
grfe^,Loik, je suis bjeh 
lis mrr’spend-mg'4'yiars with 
ding wimfoliet. The hockey 
irneau sorry if 1 am forgetting 

I can’t believe the year is already over, and I find it hard to believe that 1 ni 
years. I would like to thank nqyfl >arents for giving me the opportSIftjtAaifo 
you all know who you are. The teachers #mxnmf>ed me through, especially 
there was a lot of drama this year because I missed a lot of sbhQol I dorp’t n 
content de t’dvoir r^contre, Vince arretefHe parler de mon char. Anand i|| 
you. Bedard, gba|4uck with hockey and I hope you’ll invite me to your we 
boys, Pat, Sauriol, Dan. Tony, Dumas, I.ulonde, Lively, Ruel, Sam and Leto 
someone. Thanks for making this years memorable and fun. , 

Charlie Su 

The world is divided into people who do things and people who get the credit. Try, if you can, to belong 
to the first class. There’s far less competition. 

- Dwight Morrow 


an a good way. Mv teachers a/e 
■s for helping men) learn new things 
during ups and crowns. I wauld also 
le and especially putting me in such 
.to me and surviving as thei^Sft^. 
ebody;;bestie [[STORM!]], J.N. for 

20 0 

Maria Cristina Alvarado Torija 



Wow, two years at Stanstead College have made a l\f ge impact on mi 
amazing and so are my friends. I would like to thank all of my teach 
every day, and my friends who were there for me when I needed the 
like to thank my parents for puttingastp-wrthjne and being there for 
a great school like this. My house "directors for being my second mo 
PREFECT of Webster!! B.S. tjdr bejng here for meNvhen I needed soim 

also being one of my amazing f|jferas at SC; too mahy memoriesLIGA&SjCKASS]], M.A. for befl 
meanest/hater girl after mi [[countdown)]. C.H. for being the secoftdjnMgH^Jbball]]. I will miss youj 
so much and BBM group!!-haha. Montreal nights out [[who could 

N.N., I.L.]]. 1 will never forget the memories I had these past you all for> 

making it such an amazing\jme here! I LOVE YOU GU]^ 

The only way to enjoy anything in this life is to earn it first. 
- Ginger Rogers 


First of all I’d like to thank my parents for giving me the opportunity of coming to Stanstead, los amo! 

This has been the best year of my life. Now I know that I have a great family all over the world. I had a 
LOT of fun this year and seriously I have no idea what I’m going to do without every single one of you. I 
enjoyed & loved every sport I played, even soccer where I was 90% of the time on the ground. MALDA 
gordaaa gordaa!! BRITT Mcdonaalds! JULIET I’ve never met anyone that is such a big BULLY 
amigaaa te amo wey seriously mejores amigas para simepre gorditaaa Im going to miss u..FA even though 
we fight all the time I LOVE YOU!! yazuri, Yolanda, frijol importado..BEBE te amo ..closet talk.. 

MAYPILIN comadre dame dos.. jajaja no te amo muchoooo! FELIX chubby the good thing is that you live 
in mexico gringo., mata a tu mama y comete a tu perro..SIMON mejor amigo I love u sooo much 
BOAAKEEY!! SWANNI BOBAN1!!! I’m going to miss all those faces heeee enserioo?? Fantastic 4! 
EASTLYN my ugly roommate I love you so much seriously u d...wad..alan..ur gonnna miss u lots! 
Yeah just for you.. Haha COLLEEN u are the best cola/ginger/Mexican/bath roommate ever I love 
U..NICK you suck..P.A tayeul! FABRICE I know u strongly dislike me but I love u.. I’ve never have so 
much fun in my life I love you all so much thanks for everything.. I’m gonna miss u all! Chubby club. 
Chango te amo we made it.. 

done half as well as I did with out yc 
German friend! And there are many 
source), Pietro RJPietro A. Robyn (c 
English). Finally a big good luck for 
leady to kick start another amazing 

Pietro Antonelli 

First, I;whuIcNjke tb th 

life. Fami^is^he most i 
with ybu guys, 1 will n 
really made me reali’X 
past two years I made'X 
and how loud they can Bfef 
football with Ruel “C’est trop 

rugby, and who also showed me tbit „ 

me now?” We will see what nejffas for us... 

ts for everything they dicffor me nojj 
ded them and also for supportii 
;. To all my friends, thank yOu for all i 
l o Pietro, FQRZA Pietro s^lfed... 
at will certainly affect my way of judg 
om all around the globe that 1 wil 

i years but 
Ifficulties in my 
aments passed 
; at Stanstead 
±ure. In these 


vho taught 


ican crew 
i year in 
bw to play 
\w you like 


Pierre-Alexandre Aucoin 

This year was rnyffirst year in English. I never though’Hkldo . 
was an amazing year! I came to Sf^hstead College to play hoc 
people here! This year allowed mMo discovered new experienc 
only had one lo|s in all the season. My favoi/rite part of the 
nice gang and a good team. Travelli: 

Quebec City, witntaut forgetting the tr? 
with Coach Williams. I would like to than' 

and le 
It was tfl 
r was the he 
laces like Be 
o. It was awe 
r everything ) 

|ye in an English school! It 
glish. I mdt really nice 
St-time I played football. We 

Toro: "™” 

' last 

It me here. 

would like 

to thank also”! 

aat made this year possihls#Tn sport and acad 


Robert Baillargeon 

Two years ha/e passed at Stanstead College anWfcahlt begtfi to list the 
mbved me. Two years may seem short aj^mignificant in my life, b^gtl 
packed years so far. I’d like to start off wmra large thank you to my mol 
enough in all the efforts she has made in order to make this all happen 
all my classmates and teachers who made every dapawesome! I d like t 
my daily laugh fix, F^ke to thank Mr. Corcoran tor being just an awesom 
your economics classes were also very informative but also brought a smif 

mention everpJtersoiPivho has been a part of my two years here, but I 

a larger part. I'd like to thank myroBBfiate Felix Wang for taking can 
were great! I’d like to thank my study partner and close friend, Blan 

ith out you! Kevin, for voir comic relief, ' 

ories andfpeople that have \ 
two years were the most jami 
who I Haven’t recognised 
e. I’d alsodike to recognize 
Mf?!^for turningiio into 
her in general! Mr. Elliot 
e. I’m not going to 
tdN&fmtioif'tfiQse who had 
e and piittiiig up with me, you 
'cause I hone^Avouldh’t have 
loing to miss fishin&tobthi^ou my 

ire many other people who I would like to thank like, Colleen (my 

intense conversations), Felix L, Emma (my bad influence^ 
eryone leaving and moving up, and for those coming back 


Fabiola Barraza Buelna 

It has come to the point where we sit in front of a blahfe»page and begin looking back on memories. To me, 
it is much more than a farewell; it is the closing of a door filled with unforgettable memories and whenever 
a new one opens, the closed one will always remain there to reminisce. This brings in mind how I felt to 
begin a new chapter in my life. I remember perfectly how I set my mind into making the best out of this 
experience, which turned out to be way better than expected. It is the people that I met whom I shared 
amazing moments that made this all possible. I will begin by thanking my Mexican girls, if it weren’t for 
you, I would’ve never laughed like I did, and our pictures carry stories that are to be cherished forever. 
Each of you have different qualities that showed me what friendship truly defines, even despite our ups 
and downs, so this is just a short gap until we meet again. For the greatest roommate I could ever have, 
Colleen, everyone struggled with theirs when I had no complaints. Thank you for always being there for 
me when I needed you, you will always be my baby... number 2. Our Mexi-ginger rooms were the best 
arrangement and you all became like my sisters. My multi-cultural friends, you know who you are, you 
were all great since the beginning, I won’t forget any of you. As always, saving the best for last, Simon- 
Pierre, you became the best hello every morning and now the hardest goodbye. When I am with you, I 
thought nothing could get any better... and it did. It is because of you that I know what love really is. Toi 
et moi pour la vie bebe! 

Eastlyn Victoria Bellamy 

e a shout out to COLLEEN, my best fjeni/cousin/bath _ 

Two years, in under 250 words! I want to give a shout out to COELEENj my best i 
roommate for two years. Tons of memories, cottage trips, weekend Itnovi^ 
you! My roommate ANDREA, you always made things fun and exeij 
hee! “Mientes” Will miss you so much! Keep in touch and corife visit!!! 1 ' 

FABIOLA, you crazy half Mexican! Lots of good times here ih •th£-Stead\ 

JULIO!!!!!” KELLY FORAN, my fellow blonde Ontarian! Many memories, &.d%t> 
believe I’ve only known you for one short year, many more to come, “Good thh 
BRITTANY & KELLY shout out: BATON ROUGE weekend! Will do it again soOri^ 
good times in Montreal and everywhere else, don’t worry, we’ll find Bishops Street fie 
trips this summer, it’s gonna happen!!! Lol Girls Hockey team, tons and tons of laughstfils year guys, 
did so well, over 40 wins, under 10 losses and a few ties! Trips= Bus rides= MAXIE sleeping through, 
anything and everything. Lots of open seats but still sat with each other KELLS! EUROfT^!! 4 houi/in ■ 
Italy, Kelly!!!! We won’t be forgetting that trip anytime soon. Teachers and everyone else thanks fqr this^ 
year and last. Really helped me improve and move forward! Have a great summer ya’ll! 

Firstly, I would like to thank my mom for giving m^jhe opportunity yf come to Stanstjad College, 
you to all the teachers and friends for a great year. At Stanstead I made a lot of great f| Jbnds and Dnope 
we won’t lose contact, guys. Simon, Sauriol thank you for all the “sss.” I don’t know v*at I would have 
done without them. It was a great vear^wtWmth of you guys pis les 'gars faut pas perflre contact/Fabiola, 
Rimpu fantastic four forever. When I first came to Stanstead two years ago I meet this a 
Michele Lessard. You really changed m y life- Everyday that went by mV love grew more ah 
know what I can do withouFyojMa you are my everything. Ne$t year Will be so different with 
I know that we will be togethefrorever. When I look at you, you pUfe^smife on my face and youl are 
always happy and that’s wfiy I love you so much. Whatever happens my 

heart. You changed my life and brought much happiness. W h e.pTTl^k’l') I™y ou f get bfmenlles and tha 
will never change. I have so^ie great memories from Stmjstefuand I will ngjwJSSrget them. Thai% yo 


Swann Boisvert 

Jesus Antonio Bonilla Vazqluez 


Happiness depends on what you can give. Not what jl'ou can get. 
- Mahatma Gandhi 

Simon-Pierre Boulos 

First of all, I’d like to thank my parents for the opportunity to study here at Stanstead College and for th?V 
great time I had for the past two years. Two years ago, I got here without knowing anyone and suddenly I 
made great friends that I obviously get along with. I’d also like to thank the coaches and teachers that 
helped me throughout the year. Swann and Sauriol...merci pour les sessions “SSS”. Dan and 
Letourneau...VOUS ETES DES MALADES! Lecompte and Loi'k vous etes pissant! Daigle et Fortugno..on 
s’voit au shisha...VIVE LA SOFTNESS! The Mexican girls are loud but lovable! Rimpu...mejor amiga T 
QUIERO! Nic Lizarraga...i loved to see you this year acting like the dumbest person. Sorry for the people I 
haven’t named but I need to write about the most important person I’ve met in my whole life, Fabiola 
Barraza Buelna. After falling in love with her in October, I was ready to give up anything for her to fall in 
love with me. February 7, 2010 is the day my dream became real. Since then, I’ve spent the best moments of 
my life and I wish it won’t be over.. FBB, tu eres mi bbita para siempre y te amo mas que tu! PUNTO! 
Fabiola, I LOVE YOU MUCHISISISIMO my meatball, bbita, flakita, fea, super guapa novia! ERES MI 
MAXIMO! “We always said in a different time, a different place, we’d find a way to make it work” ...I’ve been 
waiting so long for you and I still believe in us and I hope you do too. Anyways, we’re always BETTER 

First of all, I want to thank my parents for sending me here. I had a great half year full of new 
experiences. Thanks to all my friends I found here, it was great getting to know all kinds of different 
people. I had some really good time with Amira, the Germans. The time wouldn’t have been the same 
without you and our unplanned weekends. I will miss you guys here. 

/ 4 // 

Amira Buchholz 

1 how to cheer me 

As alway§Jj^ill begin b; 
experience ouifof tlfe ortlm 
always bemfj&here % r foe, 

my IifA smce I had rhanyiu 
especiallyjiew rule^%t\t 
whenever I needed ybd'lit 
me laugh all the time a: 

Oktoberfest and meet a lob 
the hall while waiting for her to 
Thank you roomie for taking me^rsT am and for 
for taking me to your home jri Mexico! 14 out o ; 
Disfrutate amor! I want to thar^kTny'advisor, ti 
all the great moments and the ijose friendships he: 
when I look back, it will always Ibrin 

the persods who mbde thismll possibl 
ing able to let me go for aifttle w! s 
mdch! These five mo|rl[iikJjavi 
ddoj&s. It was very difficult for me ‘ 
e mtlfit was all worth it.*Bhank you ' 
itelv wouluibt.' kave heeGth 

m bre 
le nice!) 
...11 am J 

: meal of the 1 

;e an 
Tank you for 
id quickest of 
;e, new people, 
being there 
who made 

1 down 
sn’t it Lu?! 

chers,, houfe di 
Eyeh® i 

a smilefto my face. IT 


nd Nicolef^fifok ydfl so much 
‘Beach’” y estuvo de huevos!! 

:tors and ed&ches. I will never forget 
short period of time, I knhw t^iat 

Maxime Cadrin 

Five Years... whatc^n I say... well I can start witj/rUptor (james ms: 

• onidasO'v), SAVi^SE(rd)... cricketsjcrickets... Us4 your tlujmb. No. th 

'e(mp), omg he’s |<| big!(max jfaniel), eeeeeuuiaul. Ss; 
headfjv), how ditl f make it |b hard? (ma), wojlthere cap 1 
e species! (jv) ug ti 
oles? No on the s<? 

\the courbof CadrimUjason corcoran) Yo 
QUIT! (mc/^!bi£) <i ^ult^taste of boarding. 

/ you know who you^«^^^^^werythi 
J “I may 
/ -Ma jj&ftfrm 

l’amour de ma 
Dindy!(rd), crai 
gone, you’re so 
mate this be a r; 

\ 23... oh the first 


om nom (n 
(rd) ta tadal 
man I don 
e else, well I just fe 
cive done for me thaJH^ou 
but guarantee I will be the sp. 


umbs (mfirib alyerado), 
^luuupitj! frd), that’s 
,ass(jv), yo, man you’re so 

Diamond!' "Jester in 
(rd) wnaTTclowny (jv) I 
To the faculty, well 

at ignites the flame.’ 

Ann Fernanda Coindreau 

My experience at Stanstead College was theb^Ajye had so fiveveryoire %as so nice^DuringThis 
learned so much stuff, inclu^Asports and especially about all ufe^fferejjfecultuiffm the school, 
never forget my teachers Mr. Rioux, tliankymnorall your classes. You tayflcWie to see history in 
another perspective your classes were grait. Mr. P you are thejunniest I will ney.ep^r§Pt all 

the friends I mMe nwe and I hope we ke|p in touch. During this school4i* I h^;^'e"oppDrtfifirty to play 
three different sjfilS’lJs including two I’ve never played before. Mr Ross j|g|r PrevostbtJtajiks for helping 
me in x-country running. Mr. Van, Dyke, thanks for all everything you taugfit me about nabketball. Ms. 
Hessians your rugby practices were great. I will nevdr forget all the Jblbol trips during thefeseaW they 
were great, also the Qttawa trip with the Grade 11s, Isgot to know people in my class that I diaw know 
before. Thank all the people who helped me make this year the best of all. I will never fo 

Catharina Czech 

Blanche Du Sault 

Wow! Already five years have gone by at Stanstead College... Such a loifg period of time but yet it feels 
like Grade 7 was only a few days ago. And here I anrnow writing the few words that wilt be the ren)ains of 
my life here. Of course I’d like to start by thanking my parents for providing me such aff experience. None 
of this would’ve been possible without them. And now, for my bestiel, Dawn Namagoqpe & Cynth/a Kim; 
the ones that were always there tjir<Ju^iTafr«ince my very first day\iere, through the ups, the gowns, 
tears and laughs. Never would Thave been able to do this without yoifyand you’ll always b'SQBKMe: 
love you chicas! Holla at my^irl&rffehi Bih (ma hood homieS, v Natasha Ttodd (my national trd 
Emilie Gamache (de Blainvifle) wa to my guys Pietrb Anto (thettaliano)i\,mes Vass (my metalhjeatl 
Bobby B (my study buddy); wem see each other after school, I guarafTt-tx^ FinM lvmv prefects Ma 
(Seapod), Gabie (Fabrielle pieming) and Flavia of course my roomie L^nd ln all the others, thanfriyou so 
much for awesome years. A special “thanks” to Mr.G, the grgafc^SfacTvisor. Sohjp^Pam after all me 
report cards, the rugby tackW the hours ofexams, thgAJSfe Cappuccino^^^^ool games in the Stud eh t 
Center and the countless hours of good ti mes. loa Mfws back at it all. k*wa^e great, an amazing experience 
and I have no regrets... goodbye eve^STTd!ume for me to peace orir! 

Daniel Farca Fernandez 

First of all, I want to thank to my parents. Without them, this experience wouldn't fag possible,, 
want to thank all my teachers, coaches, my advisor and my friends for their 

Before getting to Stanstead College, I asked myself: Am I ready for thismew step in my life? ^s I am 
ready. I had never been to a boarding school. This year at this scl^ol was amazing for me.I learned a lot 
of things like understanding better the world, how to live by myself, T learned more about hockey 
because of seeing the game and living in a countty where it is their naWbnal Ssport. I Jiad never^aMjelgd 
a lot so consecutively in a year because of the B'Jkks but my parents and theschool give me that 
amazing opportunity. Also I had never been in®Kbec before, but right now I say that it is an amazing 
place. I learned how to play squash, which is no^fty favourite sport with a racquet. I want to continue 
playing it in Mexico and get better and better. Imthe last term I decided to play softball because it's a 
funny sport. I’m convinced that I'm coming to visit Stanstead College again. I will always remember all 
the memories that Stanstead brought to me. 1 think that one of my best memories was when I was 
finishing a soccer practice, and Mr. Chandler told Jae and me, pleasW See how the sun: 

is going down." That view was spectacular, and he told us, "Tb 

Colleen Hamilton 

Two down one to go. A few special people and memories of this year: First of course my roomies Fabiola 
(i love you back and you were the best roommate i could ask for), Andrea (me guesta tu coolo) and Eastlyn 
(my cousin and best friend) even if you're not ginger anymore. Seriously the best room ever. Also my 
(Doug) wolfpack, Nick (Alan/tapet) and Ann (Phil), good times at advisee dinners. Felix, my ex BFFL, im 
glad were friends again even if it’s not like before, gonna miss you next year Fifil! Malada Salami the 
terrorist, allstar b-ballers!!. Anchi the fetus, one day you will be born and become a big kid. Fabrice, best 
friend, we still got one more year. Gotta thank my big bro Corey, were not the tightest but i know you'll 
always be there for me when i need it. I'm gonna miss you next year, weve never been apart! And last but 
not least my baby love muffin James. I love you +1 to everything you say. I can't believe you're not coming 
back... </3 but you were the biggest and best part of my year. It would have been nothing without you. 
There’s too many memories and thoughts to write here. I love you. What am I going to do next year 
without you all?? 

Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to^sdccSs*. If 
will be successful. 

- Herman Cain 

Robyn Diamond 






Emma Elizabeth Hinton 

oft guys, fun classes and sports.,.Qutdo 
gjWad exhausting, seriously. Sftuasft \w 
in tW bleaqhers, so much fun guys. Sc 
fmoln'^e baqn, good time$>&ady#s 
to visit rdi^me powder skiing, 
lember with the friends you will never 

.t sport, soooooo 
tting around in the 
ffii of all. Robyn’s 
w I'm off to 

Had a great time this year wj 
intense, anft^dl thaftapp|e j/i 
gym withCarl^ and hanging 
crazy gfr Qse g all and hiaiVsft 
Whistler to see around. F eel 
“live for the nights you cdnl 

Tiffany Huang 

Fabrice Joseph 

One more year baby! Mommy and Daddy , Uove you both a lot. 
you two in my life. My Boy a Ngwa, Felix,] In Won, m Bauer, I’m goiffg’l 
luck in college. I’ll $ever forget the inside jokes and the crazy times. Ng\ 
black guy I evjyr met, you were like a brother to me, stay true mam Felix 
I’m going to rfii|^your9ancing and your stupid sarcasm. In Won, my fin 
crazy. One thing rlhnever forgeHTwwnwmhTought assault and batter 
another person with thei^aptop charger, lol, and I encourage you ngt t< 
is nappy. Nike Bauer. Imma miss your corny behind, “DAMMMM” "Bam 
I Never forget our friendship, boyz, BrosTilDeath. Dawn, your're one hell 
we still manage to stay close with each other. Imma miss you next year, 
Chelsy. my two partners in crime and my lilsisters. Anchi slow down hah 
good for you. We got the best advisor group. Everyone else Corey (The ! 
she comesffrargo (fish.. .J‘;C F, ifeiola, Andrea, Frank, Alex, Felix W 

;one assaulted 

Kevin Koschitzki 

As you might know, this was my first and unfortunately my last year at Stanstead. This year was probably 
the best experience I’ve had in my life so far and I’d like to thank my parents for giving me this great 
opportunity. I learned how living in a boarding school really works and thanks to my roommate Etienne 
and his guitar, I appreciate loud music a lot more. You were a great roommate, Etienne, and even though 
we had some fights sometimes, I think we did a pretty good job in getting along together. I’d also like to 
thank all my other friends for the great year you gave me and I hope that you’ll come visit me in Munich at 
some point, especially my good friend Bobby who really needs an image of what Germany really looks like. 
I really hope that one day I’ll see you guys again so we can share these great memories we’ve made here. 

It was a great year! 


6.- V 

Three years have gone in a flash. I was in Grade 9 the first year I got here. I’ve been here for three years 
already. My time at Stanstead College has really changed my life. Thanks to lots of wonderful teachers and 
friends I met during my time at Stanstead. Thanks to Mr. Van Dyke, the best advisor ever, thank you for 
taking care of me so well for three years. I will never forget you and what you have taught me throughout 
these years. If it weren’t for you, I would not have had such a good time at Stanstead College. Thanks to 
my basketball coach this year. It was my first year in senior. I learned a lot and hopefully I will get better 
over the summer and have a great basketball season next year. Senior years passed much faster than I 
thought, but I enjoy myself at Stanstead College with my friends, Felix, Fabrice, Fabiola, James and all the 
others, I am going to miss some of you next year if you are not coming back, but I will never forget you all. 
Lastly, I would like to thank my parents for giving me this great opportunity to study at Stanstead College 
and I really have great experiences here. 


Before anything, I would like to thank most particularly mymiom and the re 
this opportunity to study at Stanstead. I could not imagine, all thereat min; 
forget my first football experience, our incredible hockey season that we Had fcv> 
everything we should have. Thanks to all my coaches, teacnfei^ajja most 0( a 
your names because it will be too long but this year would never have beep^e 
enjoyed my first year here; and I hope next year will be similar to this one. 
your future life, and for the Grade 11s... see your next year!!! 

my family for giving me 
ii«thif\ey. I will never, 
n i'||ve dft^not win 
tv fwndsj ns^n’t Say all / * 
amel^thout vbn« J. really 
! Grade l^s. good I uctTfh' ® 


Felix Larrivee 


nd is 

First of all, I just want to thank my parents for givfig me the opportunity^ go to Stanstead College this 
year. They made sacrifices for me all year long andT want to thank them for that. I really enjoyed myjyeal’ 
at Stanstead College in various aspects. It has been &-eat moments of laughter and combetition in sport. 
Even though I never really played soccer before, Mr. Chandler gave me the chance to play and to unprove 
my skills. I also played hockey on a very good team this year and hag a very good tim^Moreover, I played 
more than I expected and I reallyywififToTlTarili Mr. Rioux and Mr. LaPerle for the great show of) 
confidence in me. Sport is an important part of my life and J discovered some great momel _ 
tennis. Stanstead College is a gre^chool for academics. Itgave me the.opportunity to learn ting 
throughout many subjects ^nd wmiat in small classes. I must sh^that a tyjrical day of school in | 
is really busy and tough but it’Jworth a try. This year I learned likeT'ne^r Tbatped before. Ever 
was so interesting. Most particularly physics with Mr. Van Dyke. He 

ways of being funny and interesting in his classes. Every sing^teSoier cares*t your success \ 
always happy day after day.\eaving aside the sport am^abademic, Stanstgarfpbnege helped me to 
a better and autonomous persbq^Finally, Stansj^aet^ollege gives evja^ojiya sense of being hom^ 
being at school. I will always remenTtiei SlSTistead College as my J^st yegff at school so far. 

Alex Lee 

Another year has gone! I am so surprised how the time goes so fast. I can still se e iryn y mind Iflie first 
time I came to Stanstead College, knowing that I have to stay here for a long while. “Ti^willbe the$eSt 
time of your life” they said. I was totally like an innocent boy; all I knew, about Canada was nothing, 
except one thing, I knew they loved hockey like crazy Honestly, Iaeoke very poor English at the 
beginning of my journey to Canada, but after three years the whofe^ngnlk changed. I am really 
appreciated and have gratitude to my parents. Tfcmks for giving me arapportunity to stujjfTat. 
Stanstead College, and I know although it was Jejjly hard for us, we went 1 

really seem like a struggle again. 1 love you, M(pmnd Dad, without you I wouldn’t be myself today, 
would also like to thank all my friends that I ha|As year; you made my life at Stanstead College 
splendid and shinny, I can’t even imagine that saWlof you I might i 
life, but I guess that’s the meaning of being in the rt|. Anyway, thinks tor everyone ’ 
everything possible for me, and I am sure these yearsWe the 1 

Frank Lee 

Dawn Namagoose 

First i^flifiTrcHike to 
for the support and\ena 
it, you, ca» do 
fall so N^be^able ti 
being there for me. ^p : 
hahaha...ill miss you a to 
I'll never forget all the go 
my first black friend hahaha 
breakfast lol... Dominate next ypamT bball season 
parting =( ..Thanks for always being there whe: 
up. Ill miss you very much and / iHTftks our suqnai 
HEYYY MR PARKERRR.jl'll n\iss yoi) very nyuch, 

my years here. Jas 
trust me. CYNTHf 

anfcgod for thatjf 
won’t be 

■jt anyways 

time, u got skill and 1 beliaye in you 

a lot. I'll 
>ng witii'chils 
?r I neec 
To myj 

m’rfc'suchfa ge 

ed you. Thank 
GOING! If I did 
ch other in the 
ff and always 

e best and 
You were 
late for 

?we re 

I'll never forget you, I 

Lucia Ortega Sampson 

re fn, 

u coming i 

omeone, you always cheered me 
fes, all I ggfcto say is...SISKEHHH lol 
PH be in the N&A in no 
Good luck next year to all 

1 1 

iemen! Yi 
; you tha 

Without my parent^ nothing of this would hav^V^r happene' 
opportunity. I‘ll always look bacloas I walk awafy, and know thi 
not have gone where I had intended to go, bi^t nevertheless" 
Living by myself in Stanstead forfil year mai 
family, do what I choose to, enjoy my life, fi 
theha. I assume \ have most of my lift 
French friends, y^u are A.M.A.Z.I.Nj 

Felix, I promise I wih help you with your 
that became^ 4 iers..? 1 dianx for all the me 

crazy times with yo 
is passi ng 

knc^sffle places we sj 
Sae me very har 


ieve I ve 
me realize I wa|ft to live in' 
;ht for a better world, create 
juad I \vani to see hap; 
eluding my 

isn lessons back home... I'm 
million picturesjfjill 

eatly \iuiiHMPiui Lins 
:s phll last faFdternity. I may 
up wh,er« I heeded to be. 
ntly, love my friends and 
m s.-aBA -t hen me et 
I yearn for today. My 
e friends 


again, but ur 
amour. XQ 


,MO OX)jP Qiffffibrice tone)) Life isdK8^short] 
ose sdmeone^ love. They can take the 
go, and all our dreafns... but tfS^sa^never 
£e the very beginnin^and I hope for the day wher 

3ay... 93858037 butterflie%re fprever yours. Jfe'L&in 


J it! Ah? 

djfgenough to describe my 
will cry because time 
: that we will never 
Isterday. Mi amor, you 
Tme back in your arms 
jfolie pour la vie mon 

Maxie Plante 

erybodwjKl'ho helped mg ■ . . 
re analive all these j [J// 


This year at Stanstead Collegewent by s<^jst! I’d first dif all If 
through this year. Thankyg my parents who maifeit po^ible forUT 

amazing moments. I had lots of great times this year. I came last-minute esp^Jtaily for hockey amp 
couldn’t haveUaken a better decision. Even if I think about the herbies anranNjfetetie es at .6..agiHiluroDe 
was 10 days F^meyer forget and I still keep trying to remember some part.- bf itHStj^mander and Beast, 
we've got to go rabk to that Irish ‘ pnBe ’jonylay! ! I had a great time with you guysATOis year^vas so 
busy that I think I didn’tUke advantage enough and it’s now that I igpfte that I don’t HSwjitime to do it 
anymore. I want you guys to know that I had really great moments wtn some of you! For tn%*Mexicans, I 
just want to say that if I see you guys back, saying “Ih” before you laugh would be nice!! Prom^is prett; 
amazing, looking forward to next year again! I'll never forget any of these moments, I hope I’ll 

Pietro Rizzuto 

Wow! Already two years. I can’t believe how time passed so fast. First of all I would like to thank my 
parents; this has been the best two years of my life. I am going to miss Stanstead a lot!! The first year 
which was my tenth grade year, I met a lot of new people and made a lot of good friends. This year my 
friends that I will never forget are Francois Roberge, Vincent Lecompte, Loik Lessard, Pietro Antonelli 
and Swann Boisvert, I will miss you all. The class that I liked the most this year was Mr. Rioux’s History 
class; I learned a lot and I really like how Mr. Rioux teaches, always with a punch in everything he says. 
Davis House!! The best house on campus, a lot of good memories and amazing times, I will miss everyone 
here, and I am never going to forget these two years at Stanstead College. 

Thank you, Mom and Dad. 


First I would like to thank my parents for giving me the oppdfh5mty,to 
years have gone by and I will always remember my first day herej^ntil th 
who will always be my friends like Pietro Rizzuto, Loik LeS^ard, Pibtro\v 
Lacerte and Vincent Lecompte. Thanks guys for these two yfearsjp*vas 
Wednesdays at Subway or the Thursdays that we ordered Coq because w > 

Also I will always remember all the fun moments in Davis, the best house o: 
football this fall with Swann Boisvert on the offensive line and Simon-Pierre 
will always have good memories of Stanstead and you guys. Let’s keep in touch. 

h-^ou guys. Two 
kldts of people 
coin. Raphael 
r s remember the f 




James Savory 

First of all, I would like to thank my parents, teacheS, coaches and ad/isor, Ms. Gittens. for all theiryfielp 
and support throughout the long school year. There are really so mapy things that I wilt remember/rom 
this year, from my first Senior Boys Basketball practice, to walking dbgs at the animal Shelter for 
community service. It’s been a greatypar capped off by an incredibly lexciting Grad night, and I cqft l’t 
believe that it’s finally coming toalfend. Finally. I’d like to let all m^friends who are not re 
year know that they will definitely be missed; I wish them u^e best in t\<eir future and hope't 

hen I needed u, 
le tell you 
re through and 
ike, thanks for 

James VassMakis 

Wow FIVE YEARS... ok, Bugbee yeah... no. grade IQ was my nerdy year, robyn we played so much damn 
warcraft 3 I think we might have played almost 4 hrs a day or more, see u in Kil Jaeden bro. Max, I knov 
man it's been a long time and i've given you a lot of crap but srsly I'm glad we became friends this ; 
and we can chill, thx for not holding it against me) cyu in the real worlc|, Blanche, brah we had some chill 
times and then not so much lol, tty nxt year at Cegep. Corey u pencv pitcher, we had good times 
broseph ima miss it u were a good friend to talk to. Ah chris, you ^Miey and business fiend, its been a 
good year man, you are an awesome roommate^m gonna miss all yfwguys, you haveDCTy sick friend s 

e I didn’t forget you, ColleeuI really need to thank 
we took the walk to ge^ce cream I knew that you 
e learned so much from you, how to be happy, to 
e, I can't write in here how much I LOVE you and 
irlfriend and .u were always there ’ 
zing, never let any 

s again. ! 

I couldn’t have asked for better. Ok BABY of o 
you for the year we had together. From the sei 
were special, you really got me through this ye, 
love, A SENSE OF HUMOR, that I can be roman 1 
how great u really are, you were an amazing frien 
especially for that one trip we took... XD, u are so beautiful am 
otherwise. Of course, Mom and Dad, thanks for these five yea! 
for not giving up on me, it was more than amazing what you di 

the support through the years, you have always been a good 

Felix Wang 

First of all I would like to thank my parents for working hard to give me the opportunity to study at 
Stanstead College. I’d also like to thank all the teachers and friends who helped me through my education 
process. Wow!! Four years in Stanstead have gone. It has been a great experience in my life. I don’t think 
this experience could have happened without all the Mexican friends, Quebecois friends, American friends 
and all the lovely “ASIAN” friends. Thank you all of my friends who made this experience happen. Thanks 
to the prefect group members and Mr. Grenier. I learned a lot from each and every one of you. (Teamwork, 
Leadership and Friendship.) Thank you to all the Bugbee House members who made this year a lot of fun. 
Thank you, Mr. Chandler, for giving me a lot of advice every time after duties. Thanks to my wonderful 
and beautiful roommate, BOBBY B., you have been my alarm clock, friend and English corrector 
throughout this year, and I loved you as my roommate! Rose, thank you for making these two years so 
much fun. You have changed me a lot. Thank you. I know you are pretty nervous for your future, but I 
have to tell you, you are ready for this! Go For It ~ At the end I would like to thank every single student 
and faculty member. Good luck to everyone. Futures are always there waiting for us. Go For It~ and 
make it happen. 

Art by Carlos Camarena 

2009-10 Grade 10 Class 



Maximilian Daniel 

Fernanda Diaz 

Emilie Gamache 

Kasey Elizabeth 




Zhouying Duan 

Sean Fry 

Chelsy Martin 

Luisa Sofia Sepulveda Ana Paola 
Castaneda Solorzano Bernal 

Carla Maria Moises 

Natasha Podd 

Hailey Nadeau 



Ryan Smith 

Lei (Rock) Wang 

Campbell Wolfe 

Charlie Ng 

Etienne Scraire 

Carl St-Jean 

Yu-Ying (Vivien) 

Anchi Bih Numfor 

Sean Scribner 

Elliot Vaillancourt- 

Thomas Wenzel 

2009- 1 0 Grade 9 Class 


Camarena Villa 

Jacobo Vanluvender 

Sarah Lessard 

Spencer Martin 

Marco Budib 
Rodriguez Pacheco 

James Cloutier 

Madina Martineau 




Murrieta Villar 

Alex Clermont 

Enrique Gavito 
Sarravia Gonzalez 


Julia Gilpin 

David Marx 

Emiliano Monterrubio 


Meghan Martin 

De La Bruere 

2009-10 Grade 8 Class 


2009- 1 0 Grade 7 Class 


Jonathan Archer Santiago Bonilla Lyanne Carruthers 


Jean-Samuel Janine Diamond- Wyatt Kimball Jose Abraham Jordan Norris 

Couture Erless Hamby Iza Pepping 

Paul Roberge 

Madyson St-Pierre 

Aisha Weider- 

David Wood- 

Zi Qing Yang 

2009- 1 0 ESL 

Bugbee House 

■C7i. Ts^ocuTcnss. c(&?7e 

YS. V771/1/6 

W/'/ur jUog % 

Z~)6/l/7- - 

■ -- 

Tom Boulanger, Jean- 
S'amuel Couture, Paiiiel 
Farca, Andrew Jean, 
Charlie Ng, David Wood- 
ey, Malcolm Wood- 

Margarita Acero, Eastlyn 
Bellamy, Jesus Bonilla, 
Jennifer Corriveau, Fernanda 
Diaz, Blanche Du Say It, Emilie 
Gamache, Ann Gutierrez, 
Wyatt Hamby, Estelle 
Larrivee, Noemie Larrivee, 
Madina Martineau, David 
Marx, Carla Moises, Sara 
O'Connor, Ann-Sophie Plinkert, 
Ana Paola Solarzano, Gabriel 
St-Pierre, Abigale Vanluvender 


o r 



. V.:*w* ’■ .. * . 

onathan Archer, East 

Boisvert, Swann Boisvert, Jord£ 
Thompson, Jethro Chang, James 
Justin Coon, Max Daniel, Spenc 
Bruere, Zhouying Duan, Julia Gil 
Alfonso Gonazlez, Anand Kanth 
Emily Norris, Jordan Norris, Rog 

Charlie S 

Jonathan Tr 
Thomas Wen 

■ ' ■ irC 

l. C_V*A>a k-f+ ' Q_ I 

!/* 2k* ,*°* l CD^ 

- iT*’" f** 1 

_ ' refr€ * I I 

- jyt -{W^ei- 5 

- jA»a irtMMf iv o* “S' 4 pt=*s ^ <; | 

Sj|| - f«i»woloj\f Cq) | 

1 72 ».tn i; p ' I 

„,,W ' ^W.* 

Max Cadrin - M cc'D 
Robyn Diamond - DJ Savage 
Lucia Ortega - DJ Smore 
James Vassilakis - Bree-onicus 

, Pietro Rizzuto, Francois 

colas Bauer, Tom 
ularger, IRasey Brackett, 
Alex Clermont, Janine 
Diamond, Gabie Fleming, 

I 'ed Fleur^uin, Charly 
ilpin, Julia Gilpin, Liam 
ribbon, Core y Hamilton, In 
Won Lee, Meghan Martin, 
Paul Miller, Valeria Murillo, 
Jasmine Namagoose, Emily 
Norris, Jessica Tomeo 

.ntonio Budib 
idrew Norris, 

ex Clermont, Kod y Halikas, M, 
>driguez Pacheco, Valeria Mur 
leHyun Yoon, Lucas Zwaagstr 

Claire Fenwicke, 

Natasha Pood, Ming 


Karla Sarrutieta, Crisanta 

enss. Yuan Liu 

2ing Yang 



li Owamanda, 


> §| ' 1 


' ■ Y . ■ 

t, Kelly Foran, Ney Man 
r Lin, Chelsy Martin, David 
>n, Francois Roberge, Adrian Ta 
Yao Yang 


book dub 

white house frontier animal society 
jardirr desrf rontieres new fort elementary 

_ i 1 i > _ _ i _ _ ^ . * » _ 




Maria Christ 
Bonilla, Arr 
F red Fleur 
Lang, Sarah Le 
Crisanta Roe 
Felix Wang, , 

Pietro Antonelli, Pierre- 
Alexandre Aucoin, Felix Boise 
Thomas Castle, Jennifer 
Cotriveau, Jason Cowen 
Patrick Earle, Danie 
Esca ravage, , 

Fortugno, Sami 
Labrecque, Kevin 
Raphael Lacerte, < 
lalonde, Olivier Let 
Felix I 

Noel, James Live 
Robertson, Max Ruel, Annik 
Williams, Lucas Zwaagstra 

Art by Sara O'Connor 

> Opening 

Fall Activities • 

Once again, the entire student body and faculty turned out to run, jog and 
walk around campus to raise money and awareness for cancer research. 



T , 

! £ « 

cs 2 
f[i 1 : 

Frist place: Vivien Wang 

Project: The Best Way to Sterilize Hands 

Second place: Max Daniel & Ryan Smith 
Project: Which Soil Absorbs Pollutants the Best 

' - 

gw* p > M 


k a " 


| \ 

^^BjSpy 1 ? 1 t;3 

pH ; 


Bf Jka •**' 

(Front l-r) Ryan Bedard, Olivier Letourneau, Dumas Maugile, Max Ruel, Felix Boisse, Hank 
Chen, Anand Kantharoup, Fabrice Joseph, (middle) Coach Elliot, Coach Wolfe, 
Christopher Hodge, Pierre-Alexandre Aucoin, Pietro Antonelli, Elliot Vaillancourt, Olivier 
Lalonde, Swann Boisvert, Simon-Pierre Boulos, Daniel Escaravage, Carlos Camarena, 
Peter Lin, Coach Corcoran, Coach Simard, (rear) Raphael Lacert, Zhouying Duan, Alex 
Lee, Ngwa Numfor, Nicolas Meeus, Kevin Koschitzki, Francois Roberge, Adrian Tame. 



Howard Cup 

With the final whistle signalling the end to the last game of their 
2009 season, the Football Spartans had managed to compile a 
respectable 4-1 record. Given the small initial turnout in early 
September, the lack of physical size, and only four starters 
remaining from the 2008 roster, the team’s accomplishments 
were remarkable. 

As has been the case in recent seasons, the Spartans’ 
toughest competition once again came from teams located south 
of the border. In early October the Spartans journeyed to New 
Hampshire for a game against the Mt. Washington Wolves. In a 
hard-hitting contest against a strong opponent with size and skill, 
the Spartans played their best football of the season with a 60- 
minute team effort culminating in a gritty defensive stand deep in 
Stanstead territory, thus securing an 1 8-1 4 victory. 

The team’s longest road trip of the season saw the Spartans 
travel to southern Vermont for a first-time encounter against 
Vermont Academy. The two sides were well matched. However, 
a brief team defensive lapse resulted in a Vermont touchdown 
late in the game which proved to be the game breaker in 
Stanstead’s only loss of the season. 

Without a doubt, however, the highlight game of the season 
took place at Philip Field on Homecoming Saturday against the 
BCS Crusaders. Following a tentative start, the Spartans took 
command in the second quarter and never looked back, shutting 
out their rivals from Lennoxville 26-0 with an impressive two-way 
performance. This effort was duplicated a month later at BCS 
with a second convincing Spartan victory. With a two-game total 
point advantage of 43-0, the Spartans were awarded the Senator 
Howard Cup, emblematic of football superiority between the two 
schools, for the third consecutive year. 

A mid-season fixture against Chateauguay Valley Regional 
School rounded out the Spartans’ schedule. On a cold and windy 
Ormstown afternoon with challenging field conditions, the 
Spartan power running game was dominant and proved to be the 
difference in a convincing 40-14 victory. 

I would like to commend all 23 members of this year’s team for 
their sportsmanship, hard work and dedication. 

Coach Elliot 

Soccer , 

— Senior Gtrfo 

I started thinking about 2009 soccer not in September, but 
on a darkened bus ride in February at the tail end of the 
08-09 basketball season. I was talking with returning 
veterans (and soccer fanatics) Juliet Numfor and 
Gabrielle Fleming, all three of us bemoaning the sure-to- 
be depressing upcoming '09 season. Thirteen players not 
returning. The entire back line graduating. One lone 
returning midfielder. The outlook was bleak. 

But September’s training camp, when it finally arrived, 
featured three capable juniors moving up to senior, as 
well as six (I) talented walk-ons. We now had speed, 
ability and athleticism. When added to our veteran 
leadership we were a team with potential. 

Our first test would be our own Stanstead Invitational 
Tournament, and we passed it with flying colors! For the 
first time since 2000 the Spartans captured the title, 
beating four-time defending champs Sacred Fleart 2-0 in 
the finals. What a start to the season! 

We then turned our attention to the ETIAC league, 
which was uncommonly deep this year, as BCS was solid, 
MVR was strong, and Galt was very strong. But inspired 
play all year long provided us a golden opportunity to win 
the regular season banner for only the second time in SC 
history; all we had to do was beat Galt, at home, in the 

last game of the year. We 
couldn't lose. We couldn’t 
tie. We had to win. But we 
played our worst 30 
minutes of the season in 
the first half and fell 
behind 1-0. A furious 
comeback tied the game 
late, but it wasn't enough. 
The damage had been 
done. Second in the 
ETIAC. Opportunity lost. 
The ETIAC Playoffs, 

unfortunately, featured more heartbreak. In a semi-final 
overtime thriller we beat MVR to set up a rematch with (who 
else?) Alexander Galt. And after playing a flawless first half 
we were deservedly leading the mighty Pipers 1-0. Only 40 
minutes more and the Playoff Trophy would be ours for the 
first time ever. But it was not to be. We allowed them to tie 
it up late, which led to overtime, which led to 9 vs 9, then 7 
vs 7, then finally 5 vs 5, where Galt ultimately scored. For 
the third straight year we had lost in the finals, and this time 
in the most gut-wrenching way possible. 

However, 2009 was not only about disheartening near- 
misses. And conversely it wasn’t even about the joy and 
unparalleled success we experienced at CAIS (see 
opposite page). To my delight 2009 was about players 
playing for each other. It was about team suppers. It was 
about true camaraderie. It was about girls stepping in for 
injured teammates. It was about post-game treats from 
Gabie’s mom. It was about bus rides that featured laughing, 
singing, crying and captain’s speeches. It was about the 
kind of memories you can only get from joining a team 

In the end, a legitimate claim can be made that this was 
the best soccer team Stanstead has ever fielded. We 
played 22 games, and lost three. Of those three losses two 
were in overtime (i.e. we lost only ONE game in regulation 
all year). We scored 41 goals while allowing 11. We 
recorded 12 shutouts. We won our own SIT. If not for a very 
good Galt team we would have dominated the ETIAC. We 
came within a whisker of winning CAIS, a national 20-team 
tournament. Strikers, midfield, defence, goalkeeping. We 
had it all. The best team ever? I believe so. 

Congratulations to Senior S recipients Margarita Acero 
and Anchi Numfor, special congratulations to Major S 
winners and co-MVPs Gabrielle Fleming and Juliet Numfor, 
and a heartfelt thank you to the entire team for a truly 
remarkable season. It reminded me of why I coach. I will 
never forget it. Especially considering what Gabie, Juliet 
and I were thinking on that long ago darkened bus ride. 

- Coach Van Dyke 

(Front left to right) Catherine Quirion, Emilie Gamache, Brittany Sharman, Anchi Numfor, 
Dawn Namagoose, Maragrita Acero, Juliet Numfor, Gabrielle Fleming, Blanche DuSault, 
(rear) Coach Van Dyke, Alyssa Palmer-Dixon, Sara O'Connor, Sarah Lefort, Andrea 
Antlllon, Kayhla Violano, Sophia Kattenbusch, Flavia Calvar 

SC Invitational 

CRIS finalists 

20 teams from Quebec, Ontario and Eastern Canada. The 
best the Spartans had ever done in this tournament was 
fifth place. 

Opening round robin: two Stanstead victories vs The 
Study (3-0) and Holy Trinity (last minutel-0 win vs 
defending champs!), followed by a 1-1 tie against RNS. 

These impressive results qualified us for the CAIS 
Quarterfinals, against the always-tough St. Clement’s 
School from Toronto. With only three minutes remaining 
in regulation, Juliet Numfor separated herself from her 
bodyguard long enough to dribble along the top of the box 
and tuck a perfect shot under the crossbar. Another 
dramatic 1-0 win! Were the soccer gods smiling upon us? 

Semi-final against Bishop’s Strachan School. The first 
half ended in a scoreless draw, with the Red & White 
having the better of the play, but without any real golden 
scoring opportunities. The second half provided more of 
the same until Alyssa Palmer-Dixon pounced on a loose 
ball at the top of the 18, touched it past a charging 
defender, and clinically finished far post with a left-footed 
low drive. If we could just hang on for 1 8 more minutes, 
we would actually, unbelievably play in the CAIS Finals. 
And hang on we did, thanks in large part to Gabrielle 
Fleming clearing a near-goal off our line! 

CAIS finals. Perennial contenders King’s Edgehill from 
Nova Scotia. Big, strong and intimidating. But any 
questions of “do we deserve to be in this game?” were 
answered in the first 15 scoreless minutes, as both teams 
struggled to gain an advantage. 

At the 24 minute mark, the KES right striker gained the 
endline and sent in a low cross that was coolly one-timed 
into our net, opening the scoring. Down 1-0. Reaction? 
Good old fashioned anger, as we immediately dug in and 
pressed the play. We were rewarded five minutes later 
when Juliet ran onto Margarita’s lefty cross, jousted with 
the goalie, dislodged the ball and finished into the open 
net. 1-1 , and now the game was really on. 

The second half saw absolutely no letup in intensity, but 
no goals either. Overtime: two 10-minute halves, not 
golden goal. Then, in one of the pivotal plays of CAIS 
2009, super-striker Juliet, in an all-out bullrush to get on 
the end of a high ball, violently collided with a King’s 
defender and went down hard. Bad news. Concussion. 
This was the end of CAIS for her. But not the end of our 

The second half of overtime saw no letup in intensity (as 

evidenced by Margo’s yellow card for throwing foliage... 
despite both sides giving all they had, 
the whistle sounded. 90 minutes of 
soccer had decided nothing. The 
enthusiastic crowd knew what was 
coming next. 

Shootout. To decide CAIS ’09. 

After five shots each, the 
shootout was tied 4-4. 

Stanstead missed its next 
shot. King’s didn’t. 5-4 
KES. The journey was 

For the next half 
hour the players 
were justifiably 
devastated. But from 
an old coach’s 
perspective, this 
wasn’t a loss for me. This entire 
weekend was one big WIN. 

Think about it, girls, you made it 
further than any team in SC’s 
history in a national CAIS 
tournament, soccer OR rugby, boys 
or girls. And you did it at home, in 
front of the largest crowd this school 
has ever seen, our entire school 
population PLUS 18 other teams. 

Quoting the great John Wooden, “If 
you can look at yourself in the mirror and 
know that you gave all you had, and 
achieved to your potential, then you know 
true success.” CAIS 2009 Silver Medalists. True 
Don’t ever doubt it. 

- Coach Van Dyke 

), but 

(Front left to right) JP 
Daigle, Massimo 
Manago, Marc-Olivier 
Sauriol, Coach 
Chandler, Max Cadrin, 
Coach May, In-Won 
Lee, Nick Bauer, 
Thomas Castle, (rear) 
Felix Larivee, Anthony 
Fortugno, Patrick 
Earle, Jamie Lively, 
Elvis Doyari, Nils 
Behncke, Matthew 
Robertson, Daniel 
Farca, Andrew Norris, 
JaeHyun Yoon, Ryan 

ETIRC Playoff 

Given that the 2009-2010 Spartans were smaller in size 
than the past two seasons, that two Grade 9s and one 
Grade 10 made and played significant minutes, that five 
players had not played soccer in quite some time, and that 
one rookie goaltender played every minute of every game, 
surely this team could not duplicate the success of the past 
two or three seasons, and for certain there was no way they 
could play the same attractive and high tempo game the 
Spartans were known to display. The season would prove 
to be very interesting! 

The Spartans opened the season one day after the first 
day of tryouts in Burlington, Vermont against old friends St. 
Andrew's College. With their apparent lack of preparation 
and match fitness, the Spartans ended up on the wrong 
side of a 5-1 pummelling. However, there was indication 
that this team had the potential to play the game at a very 
high level. 

A 2-2 tie in Tilton, NH was the best result a senior boys 
team has achieved against the prep school in three years. 
This game was a better gauge as to what the coaching staff 
could expect from their charges during the physically 
competitive ETIAC season. The Spartans played well and 
compiled a 6-2 record in the regular season but stumbled 
twice against Alexander Galt, losing for the first time in 
three years of league play. After melting down and blowing 
a 2-1 lead only to lose 3-2 with five minutes remaining in 
the game on the road, and then dropping a 1-0 
heartbreaker on Philip Field, the Spartans hoped to face the 
Pipers and exact a measure of revenge in the playoffs. 

The annual Homecoming game against old rival BCS was 
a classic for the ages. The Spartans prevailed in a hard- 
fought and dramatic 4-3 win in front of a large, supportive 
home crowd. Stanstead jumped out to an early 1-0 first-half 
lead but BCS came back and scored twice. The Spartans 
tied the game at 2 apiece only to see the Purple and White 
take a 3-2 lead with eight minutes remaining in the game. 
Coaches, players and fans alike were crestfallen as the 
heat and fast pace of the game had taken its toll on the 
players of both teams and it looked very much as though 
the Spartans would drop this close encounter. However, 
somehow, some way the boys in Red & White mustered a 
couple of Herculean efforts to not only tie the game with 
three minutes left, but to win it with under one minute 
remaining in the game! The mob-scene celebration after 

the winning goal will be forever remembered 
by the boys who dressed and played that 
day. It was truly a remarkable come-from- 
behind performance! 

With no CAIS tournament this year for 
the senior boys, the ETIAC league and 
playoffs would be the focus of their 
concentration. Both Stanstead and Galt 
completed their seasons with identical 6-2 
records, but unfortunately the Spartans 
lost the league banner by way of a tie- 
breaker when they lost both games to the 
Pipers. What really rubbed salt in the 
wound was the 1 -0 loss at home. 

Stanstead thoroughly outplayed Galt for 
the duration of the game but just could not score. Twice 
Galt defenders cleared sure goals off the goal line and on 
two other occasions the Piper goalkeeper made 
unbelievable close-range saves. Sometimes you just 
beat the game itself! 

Stanstead entered the playoffs feeling good about the 
quality of their game. They defeated Massey-Vanier 2-1 
a semi-final game that was nowhere as close as the score 
would indicate. This win set up the Spartans’ dream finish 
to the year; facing Galt on their field for the playoff 
championship trophy. In the final Stanstead led 2-0 at 
halftime and were well in control of the game. A flat first 
five minutes of the second half could have been trouble for 
them as Galt scored early and then missed a penalty shot. 
The miss inspired the Spartans who learned their lesson 
quickly and then played their socks off for the remainder of 
the game. SC scored again while missing two other quality 
chances en route to a 3-1 victory and the trophy. 

Finally, the boys were rewarded for their patience and 
high quality of play, made all the sweeter on Galt soil. I 
congratulate all memberSTf the team and my assistant 
coach, Mr. May, for a fun ancUnemorable season. You 
worked hard, irrjprov^tes th^kason progressed, rode 
the highs and lows 5w com P* iv e sports teams 
encounter, andfccperienceda great deal of success... 
together. I hopejfc enj<^*he season as much as I did! 
The tradition of PhoWlMWind Determination 

- Coach Chandler 

Take a quick peek at our stats for the year, but don’t pay too much attention to 
them. I included them below for a bit of history, truth and posterity, but they do 
not tell the story. Hey, on day one we lost our five best players to senior who 
ended up fielding the best team in the history of the school. What do you 
expect? We did our best, well, most times. That’s the lesson, isn’t it? Wear the 
team pins and proudly embrace what they symbolize: that you will work your 
hardest and live up to your potential. Just try as hard as you can as much as you 
can. That's all we coaches can ask. 

Fortunately for Chantal and Sarah, we got our 
goalkeeper back when Michelle was hot, she was 
fire! With five returning junior players and 13 new 
ones, we worked at skills development and basic 
mechanics nearly the entire season. 

I want to thank JP (he knows why, and so do the girls) 
and the makers of “The LIST" for reminding me that the scores don’t necessarily matter so 
much as the team experience and also that coaching must be fun. We owe our athletes, no 

matter what calibre, an excellent season of team building and bonding. I also 
want to thank the girls on this team for making the season, if not a winning 
one, an enjoyable one. We got to play some pretty ruthless dodgeball 
some never-ending tag, and learned a lot about soccer along the way. 

A special thanks to team Captain Chelsy Martin. Congratulations to Luisa 
Sepulveda for earning the only Junior S this season. For those of you who 
are returning, I can’t wait for next year’s Top 10 list, and until then, keep yo 
tims clean, ladies! - Coach G. 

\ -c - 

(Front left to right) Carl St-Jean, Chris Savory, Kody Hallikas, Max Daniel, 
Coach Rioux, Sean Scribner, Jason Cowen, James Savory, Spencer Martin, 
(rear) Zi Yao Yang, Lucas Zwaagstra, Sean Fry, Etienne Scraire, Elric 
Boisvert, Thomas Wenzel, Benedict Lang, Alfonso Gonzalez, Jordan Buck- 

(Front left to right) Medina Martineau, Lucia Ortega, Ann Gutierrez, Hailey 
Nadeau, Michelle Baillargeon, Chelsy Martin, Natasha Podd, Sarah Lessard, 
Estelle Larrivee, (rear) Coach Grenier, Valeria Murillo, Karla Barrutieta, 
Daniela Ortiz, Luisa Sepulveda, Chantal Bedard, Crisanta Roel, Ana Poala 
Solorzano, Coach Jenss. Absent: Kasey Brackett, Abigale Vanluvender 


Santiago Bonilla, Alex Clermont, David Wood-Downey, Jose Luis Villar, 

! James Cloutier, (rear) Coach McDouall, Andrew Jean, Emiliano Bonilla, 
David Marx, Jonathan Archer, Coach Standage. Absent: Tom Boulanger 

for their first fall practices in September full of 
enthusiasm and potential. Despite some early setbacks away against AGR and MVR, the team 
won its first game at the BCS tournament with an exciting overtime golden goal. After narrow 
losses to BCS and Richmond at home, the team then travelled to Richmond to gain revenge 
with a handy 6-0 win. The team was finally playing close to its full potential. Despite losing to 
AGR and MVR again, the team progressed to the ETIAC playoffs at BCS, 
where they ran AGR close for the first half of the semi-final before succumbing 
to the larger, fitter team. The team finished the season 2-9, with 16 goals 
scored by six different players. Everyone on the squad of 14 boys improved 
Steadily throughout the season but Paul Miller and Jordan Norris stood out above the rest with 
their fine soccer skills as wells as their exemplary attitude on and off the field and were duly 
awarded Bantam S pins at the Fall Athletic Assembly. - Coach Standage 

(Front left to right) Madyson St-Pierre, Noemie Larivee, Charly Gilpin, Emily 
Norris, Jasmine Namagoose, Meghan Martin, Julia Gilpin, Fernanda 
Politanski, Lyanne Carruthers, (rear) Coach Smith, Janine Diamond, Daniela 
Aloi-Timeus, Jessica Tomeo, Zi Qing Yang, Coach Reynolds 

We had a fantastic season this year. Our record of 2-7-1 was a major improvement over the 
previous year. With the exception of one blowout where the entire team had a meltdown, all of 
our losses ended with scores of 1-0 or 2-1 And the team that killed us we tied in the next 
meeting. We were in every single game thanks in part to one of the most talented goalies in the 
league. The girls should be very proud of their accomplishments and how they proved 
themselves as true Spartans every step of the way. Each and every coach of teams we played 
against commented on the dedication and desire of our team. 

The girls all learned a lot this season; about soccer and about ladies undergarments and about 
what it means to play as a team. The improvement we saw was incredible from many of the 
girls. From the ability to play a position properly to the ability to execute a specific play, every 
single player on the team improved over the course of the season. 


The 2009 edition of the Stanstead College cross-country team was highlighted by 
some consistently superior performances by several individuals. Corey Hamilton easilyvvon 
every race in the Senior Boys category and was definitely the fastest runner in the ETIAC 
league this year. Malcolm Wood-Downey also won all of his races in the Bantam Boys 
category and will be a force to reckon with as he moves up into Junior Boys next year, 
Jennifer Corriveau, who had never run cross country before coming to Stanstead, 
diligently throughout the season and was rewarded by finishing first place in the Senior 
Girls category in the last race of the season. Other members of the team who reached 
the podium at different races include David Zal, Maxie Plante and Enrique Gonzales. 

With one year of experience under their belts and good running technique we look 
to the return of Wyatt Hamby, Joseph Harvey, Colleen Hamilton, Liam Gribbon, Bobby 
Baillargeon and Jonathan Trembley. To our graduating and departing runners we hope that 
you all enjoyed your experience and that you will always remember what you achieved with 
the cross country running team while you were at Stanstead College. - Coach Ross 

(Front left to right) Carla Maria Moises, Maria Teresa Yarza, Fernanda Diaz, Michele 
Lessard, Liam Gribbon, Jennifer Corriveau, Malcolm Wood-Downey, Joseph Harvey, 
Marco Budib Rodriguez Pacheco, Wyatt Hamby, Jon Tremblay, (rear) Coach Ross, 
Casey Crothers, Corey Hamilton, Robert Baillargeon, Chris Dossou, Charne Penfold, 
Ana Fernanda Coindreau, Nicole Lizarraga, Cynthia Kim, Eastlyn Bellamy, Enrique 



w Most of our season was spent car 

fjp mj : , surroundings. Among my highlight! 

in nrru in tA/milH r-nno 

Gonzalez, Fabiola Barraza, Maxie Plante, Colleen Hamilton, David Zal, Coach Prevost 

Most of our season was spent canoeing, hiking and generally taking advantage of our 
surroundings. Among my highlights was both times we climbed the pinnacle, but I'm not sure 
everyone in the group would consider that a highlight. Nonetheless, everyone made it to the top 
both times. One highlight we can all agree on was the time we decided to go apple picking, 
thinking that we would be hiking around the orchard. Somehow that turned into apple pie- 
making and somehow that turned into sitting around in my apartment eating apple pie and 
watching cartoons. But that only happened once. 

And finally the most memorable event of the term had to be our excursion up the river. 

We climbed into the river just behind the arena and waded upstream over rocks and trees 
and through the freezing water. On the way back we discovered a mud pit that was waist 
deep. This was the closest thing to quicksand that Stanstead has to offer, so of course 
Fred and Anthony dove in headfirst. But, to be honest, we all enjoyed a good mud 
fight before heading back to school soaking wet and not very clean. 

So that was our season I hope everyone had fun. - Mr. Nesbitt 

Emma Hinton, Anthony Pasquale, Frederick Fleurquin, Jean-Samuel 
Couture, Amanda Eberhardt, Maria Cristina Alvarado Torija 

Juliet Numfor & Gabrielle 
Fleming - Merle Griffin 
Trophy & Major S 

Juliet: 20-goal season, major 
threat; Gabie: booming kick, 
great vision 

Ryan Bedard - 
W.A. Ketchen 
Trophy & 
Major S 

Speed, tackles 
and talent 

Marc-Olivier Sauriol & Core y Hamilton - 

In-Won Lee - Bobby W. Greenshields 

Moore Trophy & Major S Trophy & Major S 

Marco: dominant player, team Top runner in the 
leader; In-Won: loves the game, league 
great sense of humour 

Girls Soccer Bantam S: Coach Smith, Boys Soccer Bantam S: Coach 
Meghan Martin, Daniela Aloi-Timeus, Standage, Paul Miller, Jordan Norris, 

Coach Reynolds Coach McDouall 


- Football 

Could always be 
counted on 

- Football 

Great moves, 
great hands 

Nick Bauer 
- Soccer 

Key defence, 
always reliable 

Patrick Earle 
- Soccer 

Leading scorer, 
a joy to watch 

Boys Soccer Junior S: Coach Rioux, 
Sean Scribner, Max Daniel, Kody Halikas 

JP Daigle 
- Soccer 

Great coverage, 



Girls Soccer Junior S: Coach Jenss 
Luisa Sofia Sepulveda, Coach Grenier 

X-Country Running Senior S: Coach 
Prevost, Jennifer Corriveau, Coach 


&oys Soccer Senior S: Coach May, 
Max Cadr'm, Coach Chandler 

X-Country Running Bantam S: Coach 
Prevost, Malcolm Wood-Downey, Coach 

Football Senior S: Max Ruel, 
Felix Boisse, Coach Elliot 

Girls Soccer Senior S: 

Anchi Numfor, Coach Van 
Dyke, Margarita Acero 


Wyatt Hamby & Jordan Norris - 
Milk variety and cheese stretchability 


David Wood-Downey - 
Glacier Melting and water level! 


Jean-Samuel Couture - 
Water temperature and freezing time 


Malcolm Wood-Downey - 
Electrical Conductivity 


Valeria Murrillo & Enrique Gonzalez - 
How to tell a fake smile from a 
genuine one, photo analysis 


David Marx - 
Chitin vs. Charcoal: Which is the 
better filter? 


Adrian Tame - 

The Hybrid Theory 


Sarah Lessard & Madina Martineau - 
The Sound of Excitement 


Kody Halikas & Spencer Martin - 
Altering Traction by the Use of 
Substances on Snow 


Yuan Liu & Ming Yi Tang - 
How temperature influences the 
fermentation process of flour? 

Winter Activities 

> Prefects win broomball! 




J0&P*' ^ f \ \ 

- ^±¥§m 

■f'A UKlai 

J^mR; t \| 

1 Aft f? 

r fl 

__Jssl i L 


Mbali Gwamanda: Marion Bradford 
Natasha Podd: Meg Bradford 

Vincent Chen: Tommy Grant 
Karla Barrutieta: Rebecca Starr 
Jon Tremblay: Harry Wexler 
Emilie Gamache: Carla Ferguson 

Madina Martineau: Honey Houston 
Alexandre Clermont: steffan Barcola 
Christopher Hodge: jett Donovan 
Amanda Eberhardt: Laura Williams 


Director: Barbara Elliot 
Technical Director: Jcan-JaCQUeS PrGUOSt 

stage Manager: Claire Fenwicke 
Sound and Lighting: Sean Scribner 
& Jason Cowen 
Costumes: Erica MaSOttO 
Hair: Tammy Martineau 
Assistants: Anchi Numfor 
& Valeria Murillo 

Winter Activities 

Corey H, Gabie F, 
James V, Justin C, 
Jessica T, Jasmine N, 
Thomas W, Sean S, 
Daniel F, Ms. Hessian, 
and Mr. Wells travelled 
to Las Varas, Meixco 
for ten days to help 
with the construction 
of two homes. 

Nicole, Maria, Fernanda, Tom, and Joseph travelled to 
Vancouver over February break. 

(Left to right) Coach Van Dyke, Colleen Hamilton, Gabrielle Fleming, Anchi Numfor, 
Flavia Calvar, Dawn Namagoose, Juliet Numfor, Fernanda Coindreau, Chelsy 
Martin, Sophia Kattenbusch, Malda Alami, (front) Margarita Acero. Absent: Annik 

Finalists: ETIRC 
League and 
Finals, SIT, 
MIST, Bailly 
and McLeod 

After Day 1 of tryouts, things could not have looked more bleak. We, the 
senior girls basketball program, two-time defending ETIAC champs, had a 
grand total of four girls come out for the team. Four! Veterans Margarita, Juliet 
and Dawn, plus Colleen as the lone rookie. Needless to say, Captain Margo 
and I were very worried; would the Spartans even be able to field a team in 

The good news: we did manage to field a team. Gabie (last year’s super- 
manager) decided to play; Anchi and Chelsea moved up from junior; then 
finally Fernanda, Sophia and Malda joined late. We had a team. 

The better news: against all odds we became competitive. Very competitive. 
We enjoyed early success with November wins against BCS, Galt and Sacred 
Heart. We played inspired basketball at the MIS, earning silver medals. We 
embarrassed ourselves against MVR in our worst game of the year, but 
avenged that loss a month later. We hosted the Bailly and, as noted on the 
following page, played about as well as we could play in winning the finalist 
banner. We suffered a heartbreaker to Galt in the ETIAC finals, but got even 
at the McLeod semi-finals with the grittiest effort of the year, where we again 
earned silver. 

In the end it was the ultimate “bridesmaid” season, with second-place 
finishes in the league, playoffs, SIT, MIS, Bailly AND McLeod, but after 
opening tryouts who would have thought we would challenge for anything? 
Who could have predicted 20 wins versus 10 losses? The leadership from the 
veterans (especially MVP Margarita Acero), the January return from injury of 
Flavia Calvar, the improvement of the rookies, and the overall toughness of 
this team really made it happen this year. 

Congratulations to all award winners, and thank you to the entire team for 
reaching (and perhaps even surpassing) your potential. Really, that’s all a 
coach can ask for. 

- Coach Van Dyke 

Basketball , 

Smwr Gini 

BCS Tournament: 
Finalists at 
Rnderson, ETIRC 
League and Finals 

This was a good year, but it could have been a great year. 
Unfortunately our best games were not the ones that counted most at 
the end of the season. We played three games before Christmas, 
winning (without me) against BCS, losing to MV, and beating Galt. In 
January, we beat BCS twice more and Galt once. The most important 
game of the regular season was a loss at MV which gave them the 
league banner. Had we won that game, we would have them at home 
for the deciding game, but it was not to be. (In that third league game 
against MV we did indeed beat them. In fact we blew them out with 
exciting play from Fabi and a thunderous dunk from Ngwa). We had a 
great weekend at the BCS tournament, winning it for the first time ever. 
We beat LCC, Westwood by 1 , and BCS, and took a loss to RR in a 
nothing game when we knew we had clinched the final and wanted to 
be ready for a rematch with either LCC or Westwood. In the final we 
beat Westwood by 20. That was vindication for my decision to play 
everybody against RR to be well-rested for the final against a tired 
opponent. We hosted the Anderson Tourney this year. In it, we beat 
Gaspe and St Johns easily in pool play, and beat BCS in the semi-final. 
We qualified for the final where we met QHS and lost to that quality 
team soundly. (See next page.) In the ETIAC Playoffs, we, as #2, 
played #3 Galt, and beat them, setting up a rematch with #1 MV in the 
final with them knowing that we had beat them easily in our last 
meeting. Alas, it was not to be as we got off to a slow start and never 
recovered, allowing them to add the Playoff Trophy to their collection, 
with us going home disappointed. At the Visser Provincial Tourney, we 
beat CRHS and lost to QHS (a half-game) in pool play. We lost to 
Heritage in the semi (the eventual champs over QHS in an exciting 
game) and lost again to MV in consolation play. What a disappointing 
way to end our season! 

Our overall record was 16-8, split as 8-5 in exhibition and 
tournaments, 7-2 in league, and 1-1 in playoffs. A good record, but 
unfortunately most of the key losses came in the important last few 
games of the season. 

This was a nice and positive group to work with. Lots of character and 
leadership, no discipline issues, and a team-first attitude were evident. 
Fabi moved from guard to forward and showed terrific athleticism and 
was our best player. In Won moved from forward to point. Ngwa could 
be dominant around the boards at both ends. Nick was a solid and 
cerebral player. James S. stepped up when given the opportunity, and 
earned lots of minutes for the rest of the season. James V. kept the 
other bigs honest. Max learned a lot and got better every day. My 
“friends from Asia”: Hank, Felix, Charlie, Alex and Frank, all made key 
contributions. Boisse became a cult figure with his 3’s and his key 
minutes late in games. And then there was Zal, keen, excitable, and 
with lots of potential. Well done, boys. Despite our year-end 
disappointments, be proud of a solid overall season. - Coach Simard 

(Left to right) Frank Lee, Felix Wang, Charlie Su, Fabrice Joseph, Nick Bauer, Felix Boisse, 
Max Daniel, James Vassilakis, Ngwa Numfor, In Won Lee, Alex Lee, James Savory, Hank 
Chen, Coach Simard. Absent: David Zal 

Pool A Pool B 

Stanstead College Quebec High School 

St. Johns High School Bishop’s College School 

C.E. Pouliot Gaspe Polyvalente Richmond Regional High School 

Game 1 vs Gaspe High 

In the opening game of the Anderson Tournament, hosted by Stanstead College, 
the Spartans cruised past Gaspe to a 69-43 final score. Our goal was met: get a 
first win, secure a semi-final spot, and get everyone in if possible as who knows 
how much the bench would have to shrink as the tournament progresses. 

Game 2 vs St. Johns High 

When we saw St. Johns’ 57-17 opening loss against Gaspe, we knew they were 
weaker than in past seasons and predicted we should be able to handle them 
with our size and athletic ability. So our game plan here was to secure another 
win - and first place overall in our pool - so we would likely meet BCS in the 
cross-over semi, a team which we’d had success against. Also, we could get 
many players good minutes in preparation for the semi and hopefully the final. As 
expected, we got off to an early lead and never looked back. The halftime score 
was 31 -6 for the Spartans, and the substitution pattern was already in place by 
that time. Starters got some play, but also some valuable rest. Twelve Spartans 
scored points in the game. Final score: 58-21. 

Semi-final vs BCS 

BCS stood in our way of a date in the finals with Quebec High so we would have 
to beat BCS while working on our game in preparation hopefully for the Sunday 
championship. By half the score was 32-19. But I was mad. Really mad. We 
were not playing our game, not preparing for the next step, simply beating them 
was not enough, we needed to dominate and to be firing on all cylinders to have 
a hope against QHS. So I ranted for a bit at half time and said that we were not 
playing the way we needed to play as a team. 

After a better third quarter, everyone got minutes in the fourth quarter and the 
final score was a comfortable 67-43. 

Final vs QHS 

Quebec High is the three-time defending champion of the Anderson Tournament 
for a reason. They are a quick, smart, athletic and deep team. Many of the 
players have played together for three, four, and five years. Our goal was to play 
good defence, work very hard, and hope for a very good showing against a team 
which on paper looked like the clear favourite. 

The Blazers’ 20-6 lead at the end of the first quarter was extended to 43-20 at 
the half. We tried to work through the issues... we were getting back relatively 
well on defense, we were having some success breaking their press, but even 
with some dogged effort by the boys, QHS had too many weapons for us to 
defend. Once the lead stayed at over 20 in the fourth quarter, it was a chance to 
have other players enter the game in front of the biggest crowds of the weekend, 
so that was good for them. 

Fabrice Joseph had 1 6 points for the Spartans (and 2 for the Blazers!) in the 
game while Ngwa Numfor had 14 points, 10 of which came in the final quarter. 
Fabrice Joseph was Stanstead’s All-Star award recipient. 

The tournament was an all-around success for our two senior teams and the 
school in general. Both teams made the final and received finalist banners, and 
each player received a silver medal. The visitors raved about the food, the 
atmosphere, the organization, the hospitality, the shirts, etc. So well done for a 
good weekend overall! 

- Coach Simard 

hosts and 


‘Vs host of the Bailly, we were looking to show our guests some good old-fashioned 
Stanstead College hospitality. But in terms of the actual basketball, we had our work cut 
Dut for us, as the draw included the always tough BCS First Team, Quebec High who had 
already beaten us this year, and the high-octane defending champions from Shawinigan. 

ne 1 vs BCS 

opened the tournament with a tilt vs BCS, who know exactly what we try to do to score 
take it away. The Spartans finished the first half with a slim 15-14 lead. Nothing was 
working. If things continued like this in the second half our Bailly journey could be over 
before it began. But the Spartans turned it around with a scintillating third quarter. A 1 7-4 
run, a 35-18 lead going into the fourth quarter, and the game was essentially over. 

Game 2 vs Quebec High 

QHS is well coached and difficult to beat if you let them play their game and get into a 
comfortable rhythm. Our job was to deny them that rhythm. And deny them we did, with a 
solid zone defence that disrupted their offensive sets, and an offense that was much 
improved since the last time we played them. With workmanlike efficiency Stanstead won 
the first three quarters, building a comfortable 37-26 lead that proved too much for the 
Blazers to overcome in the fourth quarter. Final score 43-36. 

Game 3 vs Shawninigan 

Due to the format of the tournament, the Spartans, by virtue of their first two wins, had 
already guaranteed themselves a berth in Sunday’s final. So had Shawinigan. This meant 
that this would be a “nothing game” that could not affect the standings, and the two 
schools played it as such. Not that the teams didn’t try, but the coaches obviously saved 
any specific strategies or special formations for Sunday. Why tip your hand now? So to 
put it succinctly, Shawinigan hammered us in the first half, then we played them even in 
the second half. We showed them nothing special defensively, and they didn’t press us. 
Final score 58-38 for the Demons, but we left the game with heads held high thinking, 
yeah, when it really mattered, we might actually have a chance to pull off the upset. 

Final vs Shawinigan 

In our final, if we played perfectly and stopped Shawinigan’s best players, we had a shot 
at the monumental upset. 

The entire team, especially Anchi Numfor and Gabrielle Fleming, played fantastic 
transition defence. We allowed no fast-break layups, and only six fast-break points in total. 
Margarita, Dawn and Flavia did a good job on the defensive glass, corralling 16 rebs 
between them. Margo chipped in with 8 points from the post, 4 of them from the line, while 
Dawn positively abused her helpless defender with a monster 1 8-point game. Press? 

What press? Did they even bother pressing us in the second half? Gabrielle, Anchi and 
especially Juliet hounded the two super-guards so closely you could see the frustration in 
their faces. They started forcing bad shots. And when their teammates continued to miss 
their open jump shots, they (the teammates) became reluctant to take them. You could 
see their confidence ebbing as they deferred to their two playmakers. The Spartan 
strategy was working perfectly, as it looked like Shawinigan had never been in this 
situation -an 18-17 halftime score. 

But we couldn't keep it up. We had to play perfectly to have a chance. Well, we played 
almost perfectly. We did a million things right, but in the end their #5 killed us. With just a 
whisker of open space in the middle of the third quarter she nailed a contested three, and 
then she did the exact same thing on the next possession. Seriously, what a player. 
Suddenly we were down seven, and despite valiant play from every single Spartan we 
couldn’t climb back up against this juggernaut team. Final score 45-34, but our girls put a 
scare into a team that hadn’t been scared too much this season. They represented 
Stanstead College extremely well all tournament, and in the end proved very deserving of 
the silver medals and the finalist banner. Well done, girls. Be proud. 

- Coach Van Dyke 

(Left to right) Coach Corcoran, Ann Gutierrez, Chantal Bedard, Nicole 
Lizarraga, Kasey Bracket, Estelle Larrivee, Maria Teresa Yarza, Lucia 
Ortega, Casey Crothers. Absent: Coach Wolfe, Amira Buchholtz 

stronger and more organized team 

than last year. Unfortunately we were up against some strong competition and our record 
was not the best. We did have some tight games but we often came up just a bit short. 

Probably our best game of the season was against the senior boys. We agreed to play 
up to f 0 and all of a sudden the score was 10 to 2 for us. The seniors were not impressed 
and insisted we play to 20. Once the score got to 20 to 4 for us the gloves came off and our 
lead dwindled, but it was still a highlight of the season, at least for us. 

In addition to that and some other highlights we also managed to create a lot of footage 
for the blooper reel as well. Two memorable moments were Roger's shoe flying off in the 
middle of a game and watching him run around with one sock on, and who could forget 
Arthur's perfect lay up at Thetford Mines? He caught the ball standing all alone under the 
basket turned and sank the ball. Unfortunately it was our basket. - Coach Nesbitt 

(Left to right) Coach Nesbitt, Coach Wolfe, Anand Kantharoup, Chris Savory, Adria 
Tame, Etienne Scraire, Sean Fry, Ben Lang, Ney Gonzalez, Peter Lin, Zhouying 
Duan, Jethro Chang, Coach Thompson, (front) Sean Scribner, Campbell Wolfe. 
Absent: Robyn Diamond, Arthur Lloyd, Denbigh Burrows, Roger Peng 

The junior girls were tough. They were' 
determined. And they tried their hardest in every 
game, and that’s what mattered. By the end of 
the season, their group effort was seamless. 

Chantal, you started the season with the most 
knowledge and helped others learn the game. 
The team could always count on your 

Amira, though you only came to us in January, 
you quickly became an impact player who was 
hard working and eager to learn. Ann, you are 
a tough, energetic fighter. You never gave up, 
and somehow, you always found that extra 
energy on reserve. Lucia, your energetic and 
positive attitude was always contagious and you 
learned to be a great defensive player! Estelle, 


your improvements over the season were 
beyond measure! You never gave up and you 
have shown amazing potential! Nicole, you 
have an innate sense of where to be on the 
court, and your team could always count on 
you to help them out! Great defense, great 
offense! Mayte, you too are very tough. You 
always stayed with your player and never 
backed down. You were a strong, consistent 
defensive player for the team! And finally 
thanks to Kasey who 

played our first few games and was key to 
introducing the team to playing basketball! 
Thanks for a great experience, 

ALL of you. 

- Coach Corcoran 

Coach May, Jean-Samuel Couture, Fred Fleurquin, Andrew Jean, Paul Miller, Spencer 
De La Bruere, Emiliano Bonilla, Marco Budib Rodriguez Pacheco, Jose-Luis Villar, 
Santiago Bonilla, Lei Wang 



Giro a 

“Nothing is attained by chance, it must be sought after with ardor and attended to with diligence. 1 ' - 
Abigail Adams. 

This is exactly what we tried to do this season. We worked and worked and worked. We were a 
very talented team, with a lot to learn and sometimes some challenges to overcome. Above all, there 
were a lot of memories, some we’d like to forget, like boot camp practices, and some we will want to 
remember forever, like the endless debate on the words "unhariless" and 

You asked me to remind you of some of the good memories, here 
they are: boom boom clap, Alex the hot scorer table guy, the grandpa 
referee, Cree ball, setting up dates at BCS, playing with only five 
players in Montreal, are we eating at MacDonald’s? you asking me to 
make a long speech and stealing money from little girls in Tim Horton’s. 

Maybe we had a hard go with some of our games; we won some and we lost some. But more than 
anything, we improved and we had a good time doing it. If I can tell you one thing, it's that you should 

work to be your 

very best all the 
time and never, 
never give up. You 
can do it! If we all 
did the things we 
are capable of, we 
would literally 
astound ourselves. 
- Ms. Hessian 

(Left to right) Ms. Hessian, Madyson St-Pierre, Jessica Tomeo, Jasmine 
Namagoose, Charly Gilpin, Noemie Larivee, Julia Gilpin, Janine Diamond, 
Lyanne Carruthers. Absent: Aisha Weider 

I think every coach says this about their 
of the highlights of my short basketball coaching career. Some highlights: There were only 
three returning players and the rest... well most of them had never considered playing 
basketball before. In nearly every game we lost, at half time we were within two points of the 
other team. This season, every single member of the team scored at least once. And let’s not 
forget the hours spent on conditioning. I don’t think these boys will every look at the Colby stairs 
in the same way. Then there are the individual accomplishments, from Jose becoming one of 
the top scorers of the team, Santiago’s bear-hug fouls, Emiliano stuffing a Galt player, Marco 
unstoppable on defence, Jean-Sam, scoring two points in one of our toughest games, Fred 
being motivated by food, Andrew’s surprise hook shot, Spencer having a friend on every 
team we played, and Paul always giving his best for his team. 

For these reasons, I could not ask for a better team and am sad to see pretty much the 
entire team move on next year. They have been phenomenal and I would like to say 
thanks for all you have done this year. - Coach May 


Swimming season was quite special as we were the only team to trail 
outside of the country, let’s say “at an international level.’’ 

I know how statistics can be important for a team, so here are some 
random stats: 

- Towels used 1440, lost 2. 

- For only 24 swimmers, we used 53 bathing caps (one of which with 
only one side according to Kevin) and 67 pairs of goggles. 

- Petit requin (our own “ChaCha Slide”!): 87 times... and I always mis 
some lyrics! 

- Laps: at an average of 60 per practice, our average swimmer swam 
82.8 km 

- Carlos was the last one ready to come back 59 times (he missed on 

The important stats: 

- We had half the number of swimmers we had in the last years. This 
partly explains why we could never really compete with BCS through) 
the season. We still came in second place. 

- Points/Ribbons: We got 72 ribbons, 14 for 1st place. (BCS had 42 1 

- DQs: At the first meet, the other schools had 3-5, we had 19! We w< 
down to 14, 9 and, at the finals, MVR and BCS had 3, Galt and SC hi 
two: that is impressive! Even the officials mentioned it to me. 

At the beginning of the season, I told our swimmers I had three goals 
mind for them: 

1 . Get in swimming shape: you might be a soccer player, a runner or 
football player, you are probably not fit to sustain intense swimming 

2. Improve your swimming skills 

3. Get some team spirit: it’s mostly an individual sport, but you can all 
benefit from helping each other, giving tips and comments. Well, you did 
reach those goals, and I congratulate you all for a great season! 

- Coach Foster and Co-coach Jenss 

(Front left to right) Jose Iza, Jacob Huang, Wyatt Hamby, Malcolm Wood-Downey, 
Anthony Pasquale, (middle) Fernanda Diaz, Ana Paola Solorzano, Blanche DuSault, 
Valeria Murillo, Tiffany Huang, Crisanta Roel, Cynthia Kim, (rear) Coach Foster, Andrea 
Antillon, Carlos Camarena, Corey Hamilton, Alfonso Gonzalez, Kevin Koschitzki, Ann- 
Sophie Plinkert, Catharina Czech, Coach Jenss. Absent: Daniela Aloi, Fernanda 
Politanski, Tom Boulanger, Daniela Ortiz 

(Left to right) Luisa Sepulveda, Maria Alvarado, Frida Picazo, 
David Wood-Downey, Zi Qing Yang, Yuan Liu, Ming Yi Tang, 
Charlie Ng, Coach Grawehr. Absent: Coach Maurice 

The XC-Ski team this year had an 
unexpected high number of students. Due 
to the lack of snow in December, we 
started our season indoors with workout 
DVDs and circuit trainings. Blessed with 
gorgeous weather and excellent snow 
conditions after Christmas break we enjoyed our 
hours outside in the snow. Only one student in the 
team had been on cross-country skies before, 
several never on any kind of skies, but all gained 
confidence in their new equipment very quickly. 
Although the memb*s of the team might not have 
the 65-degree angle that was suggested in the 
instruction video we saw, they are on their way to 
being good skiers. We were able to do the trail at 
Mount Orford that was classified as difficult and half 
of them also took the challenge to do some small 
jumps. We always warmed up with games like rugby 
or ultimate Frisbee on skies, which was a very 
enjoyable part of our practices. I would like to thank 
all of the XC-skiers for a wonderful season with an 
amazing participation and hope that this was not the 
last time you enjoyed this sport. - Coach Grawehr 

(Front left to right) Jennifer Corriveau, Michele Lessard, Fabiola Barraza, 
Emma Hinton, Sara O'Connor, Rose Lee, Vivien Wang, Carla Moises, (rear) 
Coach McDouall, Chris Dossou, Pietro Rizzuto, Francois Roberge, Nils 
Behncke, Nicolas Meeus, Maxime Cadrin, Vincent Boisclair, Daniel Farca, Loik 
Lessard, David Marx, Coach Williams. Missing: Jesus Bonilla 

I want to thank my players for an exceptional season filled with 
laughter, competitive fun and great squash. I would like to thank 
the help of Tom Mcdoual and Mr. Gary Woolgar for assisting to 
coach and making it a successful season. We had the 
opportunity to play some tournaments with BCS, Selwyn House 
in Montreal, as well as club players in a tournament at the 
Atwater club. Though we didn't win all the matches, our players 
had heart and persevered in improving their skills in every respect. Good job team! We 
also had a teacher-student invitational which was all in good fun and we appreciated the 
participation from our faculty players who braved the challenge. I would like to 
congratulate Sara O' Connor and Loik Lessard for winning the top players award and the 
whole team for making this season a memorable one. 

- Coach Williams 

(Front l-r) Jonathan Archer, Ryan Smith, Bobby Baillargeon, Andrew Norris, 
Spencer Martin, JaeHyun Yoon, Joseph Harvey, (middle) Coach Chandler, 
Carl St-Jean, Jason Cowen, Elliot Vaillancourt, Elric Boisvert, Thomas 
Wenzel, Lucas Zwaagstra, Kody Halikas, Coach May, Coach Corcoran, (rear) 
Paul Roberge, James Cloutier, Jordan Buck-Thompson, Jordan Norris 

The inclusion of the senior Spartans into the MPHL 
created an opening in the senior ETIAC league for the 
JV boys, accomplishing a record of 2-10. On paper, 
this doesn’t look overly successful. However, when 
you factor in the fact the JV boys were playing, often 
with a short bench, against senior teams with players 
averaging two to three years older, the overall record 
begins to look much better. Include in this the fact that 
the JV boys managed to steal two games from a 
talented Massey-Vanier team, one of which came with 
5.5 seconds left in the game at home. Add to that 
three very close games against rival BCS - 2-1 , 2-1 , 
and 3-0 -- and the season looks even better. When all 
is said and done, the boys should be proud of their 
accomplishments throughout the ETIAC season. 

The highlight of the season was the 2010 Eaglebrook 
Tournament in Deerfield, MA. The Spartans entered 
the tournament playing with a short-bench after losing 
Kody Halikas and Thomas Wenzel to injury, and 
JaeHyun Yoon to an early departure. However, the 

" key 



battled all 
long and played 
with intensity, 
passion, and pride. 

After going 2-1 in the 
preliminary round with a 
devastating loss to a 
talented Kuper Academy 
team, the Spartans defeated 
Rumsey Hall in the semi-finals 
(despite spotting them an early 2-0 
lead). This set the stage for a rematch 
with Kuper. With additional injuries to 
Justin Coon and Jordan Norris, the 
Spartans hit the ice short on numbers but 
high in motivation, guts and determination. 

After spotting Kuper a 2-0 lead early in the game, 
the Spartans battled back to win the game 4-2 on 
the stellar play of Lucas Zwaagstra (3 goals 
including one with 1 1 .2 seconds left), Andrew 
Norris, and an entire team effort. Thank you all for 
a memorable season. - Coach Corcoran 

Back Row: Carl St-Jean, Lucas Zwaagstra, Dumas Maugile, Raphael Lacerte, Daniel Escaravage, Middle Row: 
Coach Rioux, Pierre-Alexandre Aucoin, Olivier Letourneau, Pietro Antonelli, Swann Boisvert, Olivier Lalonde, 
Jamie Lively, Anthony Fortugno, Samuel Labreque, Coach Laperle, Front Row: Simon-Pierre Boulos, Patrick 
Earle, JP Daigle, Marc-Olivier Sauriol, Ryan Bedard, Maxime Ruel, Matt Robertson, Tom Castle, Felix Larrivee 

Becoming a new member of the Midwest Prep Hockey 
Association has been a successful transition for our 
program. We travelled to Vernon Hills, IL near Chicago 
to compete in our league kick-off weekend. The 
guys wanted to make a statement and perform 
well in our debut. We went 4-0-1 . One of our 
best games was against last year’s league 
champion Lake Forest Academy. It was the fifth 
game of the weekend and a quick turnaround. 
We fought back to a 4-4 tie. 

At Phillips Exeter and Governor’s Academy 
showcase, we had a hard-fought game against 
the Tilton School. Both teams never quit and 
competed with great energy for 60 minutes. 
The Spartans finished on top with a 3-2 win. 

At the Stanstead Invitational Tournament, we 
went a perfect 4-0. We faced a tough Appleby 
team in the final. It was a close game and both 
teams were playing well, but the Spartans managed 
their game and found a way to get it done for the third 
time. In my opinion our best game of the season was 
against Northfield Mount Herman. We once again 
never quit and made a great comeback to tie the game 

We couldn’t have had the success this season 

without everyone on this team. Everyone had a role 
and executed their job to the best of their ability. 
Unfortunately, we had season-ending injuries for 
Jamie Lively and Patrick Earle. They were able to 
step in and help out with the team. I would like to take 
the time to thank Coach James Rioux for his rigorous 
preparation, hard work and organization, as well as 
his sound advice and reliable help in the day-to-day 
operations. I would like to thank the Grade 1 1s for all 
their contributions. I look forward to your leadership in 
your Grade 12 year. I would like to thank the Grade 
12s for their final contributions to the hockey program 
and wish them the best of luck in their future 
endeavours. Remember, you are all Spartans for 
life...- Coach LaPerle 

MPHL Division Champs 
SC Invitational Champs 


(Front left to right) Emily Norris, Eastlyn Bellamy, Michelle Baillargeon, Kayhla Violano, Brittany Sharman, 
Hailey Nadeau, Kelly Forin, (rear) Coach Gaudet, Meghan Martin, Maxie Plante, Alyssa Palmer-Dixon, Sarah 
Lefort, Abigale Vanluvender, Catherine Quirion, Coach Ross 

The 2009-2010 season for the girls hockey program was by far the most successful season in the history of the 
program. Although the ETIAC league folded midway through the season, we participated in the very competitive North 
American Prep Hockey Association league, finishing first in our division. The level of competition far exceeded 
anything that the program has ever experienced before. 

Our overall record was 37-5-3 including many games against top Division I and II prep schools. For the second year 
in a row we won the Tilton Invitational Tournament, outscoring the competition 18-1 over three games. We finished off 
the season with a four-game tour of Switzerland and France where we were narrowly defeated by the Swiss national 
U-18 team, but came back to handily beat the France National U-18 team. 

Captain Brittany Sharman will be the only graduating member of the team as she heads off to one of the top Division 
III schools, Norwich University, where she will be continuing her athlete-scholar career. 

Brittany ended her Stanstead hockey career with impressive statistics that will be hard to 
match, and we wish her the best of luck as she embarks on this new adventure. 

With a solid core of returning players for next season, and several excellent recruits, we 
are confident that the Stanstead Lady Spartans will be a force to reckon with next year. 

We already have been invited to several high-profile tournaments and we will be « 

serious contenders for NAPHA champions. 

Thanks to the girls who were committed and dedicated throughout the season. 

We are very proud of what you accomplished. Finally, I want to say a BIG Thank 
you to Mr. Ross. I could not have done it without all your help, so thank you 

- Coach Gaudet 

NRPHR Division Champs 
Tilton Tournament Champs 
Rice Memorial Champs 
Europe 20 1 □ 

Kevin Koschitzki - 
Trustees’ Trophy 
& Junior S 

Could swim any 
stroke and 
improved greatly 

Margarita Acero - 
Bess Ferguson 
Trophy & Major 5 

Versatile scorer 
and commitment 
to the game 

Sam Garneau-Labrecque 
& Matt Robertson - 
Dawes Trophy & Major S 

Sam: Sharpshooter with 
talent and skill; Matt: A 
gifted forward with 101 

Sharman - MVP 
Trophy & Major S 

Most ice time; 
developped as a 
peraon and player 

Fabrice Joseph 
Dr. E. C. Amaron 
Trophy & Major S 

f orvjard, incredible 

Max Ruel - 

Hard work, 



Sarah Lefort - 

A truly 



Boys Hockey Senior S: Marc-Olivier 
Sauriol, James Lively, Patrick Earle, 
Coach LaPerle 

Girls Basketball Senior S: Juliet 
Numfor, Coach Van Dyke, Flavia 
Calvar. Missing: Dawn Namagoose 

Boys Basketball Senior S: James 
Savory, In Won Lee, Nick Bauer, 
Ngwa Numfor, Coach Simard 

Swimming Senior S: Coach Foster, 
Angela Antillon, Corey Hamilton, 
Blanche DuSault, Coach Jenss 

Girls Basketball Bantam S: 

Coach Hessian, Charly Gilpin 

Squash: Sara O'Connor, X-Country Skiing: Ming Yi 
Coach Williams, Loik Lessard Tang, Coach Grawehr 

Girls Hockey Senior S: 

Coach Ross, Kelly F oran, 
Maxie Plante, Coach Gaudet 

Boys Hockey Junior S: Boys Basketball Junior S: 

Coach May, Bobby Baillargeon, Coach Thompson, Chris 
Ryan Smith, Spencer Martin, Savory, Arthur Lloyd, Sean 
Coach Corcoran Scribner, Coach Nesbitt 

Girls Basketball Junior S: 

Coacn Corcoran, Ann 
Gutierrez, Amira Buchholz, 
Coach Wolfe 

Swimming Bantam S: Boys Hockey Bantam S: 

Coach Foster, Malcolm Coach May, Jordan Norris, 

Wood-Downey, Fernanda Coach Corcoran 

Politanski, Coach Jenss 

Boys Basketball Bantam S: 

Coach May, Paul Miller, 
Spencer De La Bruere 

Swimming Junior S: Coach 
Foster, Alfonso Gonzalez, Ann- 
Sophie Plinkert, Kevin Koschitzki, 
Coach Jenss 

Art by Carla Moises 

Spring Activities 

Spring Actiuities ' 

S/fewoTl C/b£//£7U?6 
r&zsecf $ 770 

yfrr r 3ou7ice V 

ffgOnTfa'VQM A 

'PzTl/L S/ttTf > 

&71&- J 3ul6^z7lj tD#Q 

Arbre Aventure 
Crystal Lake 

'Ini! 1 ill 




■ -m 

(Front l-r) Max Ruel, Ngwa Numfor, Marc-Olivier Sauriol, In Won Lee, Ryan Bedard, Felix Boisse, Nicola Bauer, 
Corey Hamilton, Anand Kantharoup, Hank Chen, (rear l-r) Coach Grenier, Jesus Bonilla, Carlos Camarena, Pietro 
Antonelli, Olivier Lalonde, James Vassilakis, Andrew Norris, Elvis Doyari, Jason Cowen, Adrian Tame, Coach 

ET Sevens 
winners, ETIRC 
League & Finals 

Team unity is worth more to me than team 
success. Often, they go hand in hand. I want to 
take a minute to thank the boys for unifying this 
team so early in the season. We had an amazing team 
this year. It took me half the season to realize that this may be the 
type of team that a coach only gets once in a career. 

After suffering our only losses of the season early at the CAIS 
national rugby tournament, we went undefeated for the rest of the 
season. We won everything! We beat every team in our league. 
We won gold at the Eastern Townships Sevens Tourney, we 
won our league and we won our league championship. We 
scored a total of 514 points this year which is an 
incredible average of 27 points per game. 

We got all of the mechanics of the game out of the 
way early. Our lineout plays were set. Our scrum 
was solid. Our set pieces were clean. Our trail ball 
was efficient. Our backs’ calls were rehearsed. Our 
kicks, passes, tackles, and everything that goes into 
making such a great team were executed with precision, 
and determination. We were so good at these that we 
able to enjoy practices and play a multitude of games to 
and build more team unity: rugby baseball, rugby dodgeball, 
tag, the kicking game, capture the flag rugby and more. These 
were always competitive and a blast to play. 

We probably owe a large part of this unity and success to our 1 0 
Grade 12 graduating players and they will be missed, sorely missed, 
next year. The fact is that we build rugby players right here at 
Stanstead College and you guys are the living proof that our program 
works. You were all good friends on and off the field which made a 
huge impact this season. I hope the rookies remember that next year. 
We had lots of Senior S winners and Major S winners you all know 
who you are. We had strong, almost superhuman, leadership from 
our team captain Ryan Bedard and MVP pack leader Felix Boisse. 
Yes, we had superheroes... 

We built a machine this year. A beautiful, well-timed, firing-on-all- 
cylinders, massively destructive, machine. It was a nuclear sub filled 
with superheroes. I hope this makes you smile in the future and that 
you don't forget that you were the crew of this machine. We won’t 

- Coach G, Coach Laperle 



ST Sevems 

Congratulations to the 2010 senior girls on all that you have accomplished. From 
beginning to end, you are a different team. Despite your dislike of practice time 
you worked your tails of, in snow, cold, hot, rain, sun and smoke. You were 
determined to improve and that is one thing you did. You provided the ETIAC with 
one of the most exciting championship games i have seen in my career here, 
dazzling runs, fantastic penalty kicks, grinding it out in the rucks and incredible 
spirit. You were hilarious to be with. I enjoyed every road trip/video dance party 
and it was obvious from the way you played, you loved it too. This is the 
unmistakable feeling that is being part of a rugby team, something I hope you will 
never forget. If you learned something, I hope it is that once you are exhausted 
and spent, you always have just a little more to give. Drink until your pee is clear 
and get lots of sleep. I will miss you. - Coach Hessian 

(Front l-r) Cynthia Kim, Dawn Namagoose, Chelsy MArtin, Colleen Hamilton, Brittany Sharman, Juliet Numfor, 
Blanche Du Sault, Anchi Numfor, Eastlyn Bellamy, Natasha Podd, (rear l-r) Coach Fenwicke, Malda Alami, 
Fernanda Coindreau, Luisa Sepulveda, Alyssa Palmer-Dixon, Nicole Lizarraga, Sarah Lefort, Kelly Foran, Andrea 
Antillon, Ann Gutierrez, Catharina Czech, Ann-Sophie Plinkert, Ana-Paola Solorzano, Kasey Brackett, Coach 

(Front l-r) Sean Scribner, David Marx, James Savory, Chris Savory, Kody Halikas, Anthony 
Pasquale, Malcolm Wood-Downey, Jordan Buck-Thompson, Wyatt Hamby, (rear l-r) Coach 
Woolgar, Jose Iza, Jose Villar, Enrique Gonzalez, Emiliano Bonilla, Thomas Wenzel, Alfonso 
Gonzalez, Lei Wang, James Cloutier, Zi Yao Yang, Santiago Bonilla, Jordan Norris, Spencer De 
La Bruere, Coach Standage 

Spring 2010 proved to be an extremely short season with only five games 
20 practice sessions. However, this year’s crop of budding young rugby 
itars and wannabes worked hard, trained hard and played hard and 
Successfully made themselves into a well-oiled junior/bantam rugby team. 

With the first week of training cut short by snow, the first game at BCS 
turned out to be too steep a learning curve. However, the team rallied 
strongly over the next couple of weeks to produce strong and impressive 
showings against Massey-Vanier, losing by just one point, and in the 
return game against BCS, losing by a try in the last minute. However, 
st the bantam team and then the full junior team finished the season 
large wins over Richmond. Overall, the team outscored its 
opponents 125-74 during the season. 

Congratulations are in order for the whole team and in 
for Alfonso Gonzalez, Chris Savory and Tom 
Wenzel for their Junior S awards, as well as Malcolm Wood 
Downey for his Bantam-S award. 

All in all, this team has played some of the strongest 
rugby seen at this level for some time, which bodes 
well for future junior and senior Stanstead College 

(Front l-r) Crisanta Roel, Chantal Bedard, Madina Martineau, Meghan Martin, Julia Gilpin, Sarah Lessard, 
Emily Norris, Charly Gilpin, Jasmine Namagoose, Abigale Vanluvender, Catherine Quirion, (rear l-r) Coach 
May, Aisha Weider, Frida Picazo, Yuan Liu, Oaniela Ortiz, Karla Barrutieta, Jessica Tomeo, Daniela Aloi, 
Valeria Murillo, Fernanda Politanski, Zi Qing Yang, Madyson St-Pierre, Lyanne Carruthers, Coach Gaudet 

Junior girls rugby is somewhat of an experience, and you never really know 
what to expect day by day. I can tell you that you are always in for a ton 
of fun and good laughs. 

Our short season started with 23 girls, and in our first game against 
Galt, with only 14 who could play, I think I can categorically say that 
it was a very steep learning curve. We learned how to tackle hard, 
to not drop the ball as we are heading into the try line and that 
there are several ways you can stop a nosebleed in the middle 
of a game. 

I think that we learned a ton, because our next game 
against MVR would be our one and only game of 15s. 

We were close all game and it wasn’t until the dying 
seconds that MVR pulled ahead. 

Although we struggled with injuries, from 
concussions to broken toes, the team really came 
together to win our next few games and ended 
the season well. 

I am so proud of what all the girls have 
accomplished and would like to thank them for an 
exciting and tremendous season. 

- Coach May 

(Front l-r) Maria Alvarado, Michele Lessard, Lucia Ortega, Maxie Plante, Sara O'Connor, Annik 
Williams, Amira Buchholz, Fabiola Barraza, Maria Yarza, Gabrielle Fleming, Rose Lee, Jennifer 
Corriveau, (rear l-r) Coach Jenss, Coach Chen, Chris Dossou, Loik Lessard, Pietro Rizzuto, Patrick 
Earle, Benedict Lang, Pierre-Alexandre Aucoin, Olivier Letourneau, Elric Boisvert, Max Daniel, Sean 
Fry, Kevin Koschitzki, Etienne Scraire, Felix Larivee, Carl St-Jean, Ney Gonzalez, Jonathan Archer, 
Coach Wiliams 

This year, the tennis team was filled to the brim with talent and athletic 
ability. Getting to the ball was not a problem as the team improved 
their skills extensively during this relatively short season. The 
recreational team displayed laughter, healthy competition and hours 
of enjoyment. Some recreational members even stepped it up and 
played at the ETIAC finals to replace missing players who were 
unable to participate. Overall, our team demonstrated a solid effort 
and the flexibility needed to adapt to changing conditions and 
challenges. Well done! A special congratulations go to Shield and 
Senior S winner Carl St. Jean in the boy's category and Annik 
Williams in the girl’s category. Mr. Williams and Miss Jenss wish to 
thank all players for an exciting season! 

Our season was hot and was cold 
Some players were shy and some bold 
We had 46 player and 4 teams 
And great games in our field of dreams 
The Expos came out on top 
For others ‘twas not a total flop 
There were amazing catches and tough calls 
There were lots of strikes but no balls 
English was the language of the game 
Yet there were push-ups again and again 
Robyn’s goose calls from the pitcher’s mound 
And the Aussie animal call Liam found 
There was Charile’s run from 2nd to 
outfield that was funny 
And Carla’s cheering to keep her 
team sunny 

Fabrice's super homeruns galore 
And the seven others who hit many 

Thanks to all who came out 
Team spirit and fun, that’s 
what it was all about 
- Coach Carruthers 

(Rear l-r) Coach Smith, Anthony Fortugno, Max Cadrin, Swann Boisvert, Matthew 
Robertson, Robert Baillargeon, Lucas Zwaagstra, Coach Corcoran, (front l-r) JP 
Daigle, Simon-Pierre Boulos, Spencer Martin, Ryan Smith. Missing: Daniel 
Escaravage, Raphael Lacerte 

The weather this spring was just plain weird. Although 
you can play golf in rainy weather, you really cannot 
play in snow. You kind of lose your ball, even if you are 
playing with a fluorescent one! We actually had one 
tournament cancelled not once but twice this spring due 
to snow, and then we played the finals in 35 degree 
weather. Global warming, I guess! 

We were able to take a very strong team to each one 
of the tournaments. We placed first in every single one 
with point margins that ranged from 19 to 41 strokes, 
and we also placed second in three of the five meets as 
well. (We did not always take a second team). With a 
175-point overall victory over the course of five 
matches, it came out to an average of 35 points per 
tournament. That is pretty tough to beat given that par 
on nine holes is usually 36. What this means is that we 
beat our closest opponents by an average of 9 holes per 

I am proud of every one of you. You played well, you 
were good competitors, and you were gentlemen on the 
course. You all have a passion for a game that you can 
play for many years to come and I sincerely hope that 
you continue to play. - Coach Smith 


Don Ross Trophy 
and Major S 
- Felix Boisse 

An unsung hero who gets 
the job done 

Roger Marino Cup 
and Major 6 
- Juliet Numfor 

Focused, determined, 
intense player 

Intramural Softball: 

Coach Corcoran, 
Expos captains 
Fabrice Joseph, 
Michelle Baillargeon, 
Coach Carr uthers 

Boys Rugby Senior S: 

Coach LaPerle, Marc- 
Olivier Saurioi, in Won 
Lee, Corey Hamilton, 
Hank Chen, Coach 

Boys Rugby Bantam 
& JuniorS: Malcolm 
Wood- Downey 
Christopher Savory, 
Coach Standage, 
Thomas Wenzel, 
Alfonso Gonzalez 

Golf: Coach Smith, 
Anthony Fortugno, 
Lucas Zwagstraa ( 

Golf Shield), Ryan 
Smith, Coach 

Girls Rugby Senior S: Brittany Sharman, 
Coach Hessian, Eastlyn Bellamy 

Girls Rugby Junior S: Catherine 
Quirion, Coach May, Sarah Lessard 

Tennis Shield: Headmaster Wolfe, Carl St- 
Jean, Annik Williams, Coach Williams 

All-Campus League: 

Commissioner Simard, 
West senior captain 
Matt Robertson, 
Headmaster Wolfe 

Ryan Bedard 
- Rugby 

Intensity, power 
and pure 

Ngwa Numfor 
and Nick Bauer 
- Rugby 

Perseverance in 
games and in 
practice, their 
support for their 
teammates and 
their leadership 

- 'Mi Sii 



--N ; 

sok ZZ 

mC ^J|Hp|55^ ■ *■ Vfl 

. w L ^Rj^KtSKfer^m. jXj 


K y \ ' ' 

v flrf 

ft m jj/m 3Bj rir^ : ;j 

F ^» 1 


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i ^11 ; 

_ , .. ■— 


«g{ gj 

“""■■SSI v 


llilA mflM 


'i ^ T 


’■ ’ • .. 'V. v • ■ 


> J 


Thank You 

Written and read by Ryan Bedard at- the Grad Pinner 2010 

Thank you to the place I've called home for the past four years 
Thank you for putting up with me, my loud mouth and cheers 
Thank you for teaching me the Spartan way, to never give up 
Coming to this school has truly been a blessing, like drinking 
from a golden cup 

We are all athletes and scholars in one way or another 
Where we are taught to get along with each other 
A place where we build our closest relationships with 

with Mrs. Smith 

mmitted to moretlwi just teaching 

! s, in the arena and couif 
give up, in the Words of Mr. G 
like champions; when we lose, we still lose like a G 

This is the home of the best sports teams 
This is where I met the girl of my dreams 
This is the place where I learned to love 
This is where we soar high up above 

That’s how she makes me feel 
This girl was most definitely a steal 
I love you to death 

You taught me How, with every kiss and every breath 

Thank you for the friends I have made here 
I can't wait to sit down and share a beer 
Go over the great times we had through the years 
It will bring me back to those times, bring me to tears 

Mr. Chandler, always a guy for a good speech 
One more day ’til I can finally call you “Peach” 

I don’t want this day to come, but we gotta go 
I wish we could go back to when we'd complain about the snow 
Pays when we didn’t know how lucky we were to have time 
Pays when we weren’t even in our prime 

Thank you to the place that made me who I’ve always wanted 
to be 

I didn’t think prep school would be my cup of tea 
I came here because I wanted to play hockey 
I achieved my goals, maybe got a little bit cocky 

But every time, was put back in my place 

You always keep me honest; Stanstead’s got style and grace 

I had no idea it would be this great 

It’s like something my mind couldn’t even create 

Well I think that’s enough, I think you understand 
I love this school; you put the pen in my hand 
Mom and dad, you guys are the best 
You're the ones that put me up to this test 
Thank you for believing in me 

Tou didn’t think I’d ever realise iww goc^a^choice it was for me 

flf? • &&&£■ t , ,-fw _ 

Thank you for having me, it was quite a ride 
With my friends and my girl always by my side 
Can’t forget about the teachers, you were always there too 
Hopefully one day, we too can share a brew 

I can’t promise you a giant check from the money I probably 
won’t make 

But I can promise you a front page article for the records I 

In one way, shape or form 

Wherever I go, I will bring the spirit of the Spartan and take it 
by storm 

You stay tight Stanstead College 

For the graduates, good luck in college 

Pon’t forget about me, cuz III never forget you 

Remember to excel in whatever you do 

Thank you for this journey that we went on together 

I will proudly wear SC on my sleeve and will be in my heart 


Every day you have an opportunity to eh ow 
courage. Something will happen that will 
require you to make a choice - you can 
reach out and choose to take a worthwhile 
risk or you can chooee to run away from 
the situation. 

The important question is not whether you 
will fail, but when and above all, what will 
happen next. Sooner or late failure is 
pretty much inevitable. In fact a life without 
failure probably isn’t a full life. 

- Part of address by Headmaster Wolfe 

P ctoA&r P tAJjyw^ 

-€Y" tW-avi^ x>v"i-^e£> 

\re£x&Je£> oah^ 

CjO^AoS> (^<j~sv^c*y~ ew?- i/Jcw 
V^&cAey *3>lriAcl 


fAJA tor M & 


/A^trpfe- 0VJc^d-~\AXiWieY~ Xt4 IaW Pz^ 

i/jftP //WkP Pn/’fc 

^ Aa l/J[vWJr 



35 students in Grade 12. 

34 students received university acceptances 
1 applied to CEGEP and was accepted 
22 were admitted into their 1st choice university/colleges 
and program. 

26% accepted offers from Ontario 
20% accepted offers from the US 
5 accepted offers from Quebec Universities 
1 accepted an offer from Thompson Rivers University 
1 accepted an offer from Class Afloat 
1 accepted an offer from a university in France 
0 defered their acceptances to play junior hockey while 
studying part time 

A total of 37 scholarship offers valued at over $ 600,000 


fo^nAt Aa k>^ro( 


-g^ ^ 

SUmHtad I'vlU 

r^>ev<io\r /a-oUl, c*tMekc, of PRe- ^e^r 
Rywi '^effiay'oi owl Hef. ffakp 

■f3><z vdo\r $ev)A-o\e^ o^lAei.^ 0$ ^&ov 

3'dldt l^iw^rov owl '^bv'um P eme^ 

l3>tV^5 f^edo\ \fJiVWY~ l^eHy f OV'OY l 

1/jRA- alA-oi'rwcwx (dew ae£> dbe&kAfiesA. 



AWr^j V* 


3 oW^Zs iny/eUf [aJiAS- -tde^ <do\r doA 
U&dev-d <Me£> / l/WvWu?4 P 

'EsJeye&t hhkwd vJowy 
C^vttdo- \AlAA owl pM^ R<2S5 

2010 academic awards 

Grade 7 Prizes 

Grade 1 1 Prizes 


David Wood-Downey 

Art Fabiola Barraza Buelna 


Wyatt Kimball Hamby 

J. Brian Clarke Economics Prize 

Tiffany Huang 


Lyanne Carruthers 

Computer Science 

Maxime Cadrin 

Science & Technology 

Wyatt Kimball Hamby 

J.D. Ferguson History 

Colleen Hamilton 


Lyanne Carruthers 


Shin-Haw (Frank) Lee 


Wyatt Kimball Hamby 


Pietro Antonelli 


Jonathan Archer 


Tiffany Huang 

Sybil Galambos Francois 

Paul Roberge 


Shin-Hann (Alex) Lee 

Amaron Prize for French 

Wyatt Kimball Hamby 

A. Mackenzie English 

Colleen Hamilton 

Sybil Galambos Francois 

Felix Larrivee 

Grade 8 Prizes 

Amaron Prize for French 

James Vassilakis 


Jonathan Trembley 


Jessica Tomeo 

Grade 12 Prizes 


Andrew Jean 

Economics Prize 

Flavia Calvar Ripoll 

Science & Technology 

Malcolm Wood-Downey 

English Prize 

Gabrielle Fleming 


Malcolm Wood-Downey 

European History 

Matthew Robertson 


Malcolm Wood-Downey 

Psychology Prize 

Michele Lessard 


Malcolm Wood-Downey 

Sociology Prize 

Felix Boisse 

Sybil Galambos Francois 

Malcolm Wood-Downey 

Biology Prize 

Gabrielle Fleming 

Amaron Prize for French 

Fernanda Politanski 

Chemistry Prize 

Gabrielle Fleming 

Mathematics Prize 

Flavia Calvar Ripoll 

Grade 9 Prizes 

Physics Prize 

In Won Lee 


Zi Yao Yang 

Art Prize 

Margarita Acero 


Karla Barrutieta 

Environmental Studies Prize 

Corey Hamilton 


Ming Yi Tang 


Catherine Quirion 

Senior School Prize 


Spencer Martin 

John Wells Improvement in French Second Language 


Amanda Eberhardt 

Carla Maria Moises Mena 


Liam Gribbon 

Sybil Galambos Francois 

Joseph Douglas Harvey 

Junior School Prize 

Amaron Prize for French 

Liam Gribbon 

Improvement in FrenchSecond Language 

Enrique Gonzalez Saravia Gavito 

Grade 10 Prizes 


Chelsy Martin 

ESL Program Prize 

Art Nicole Lizarraga de Anzorena 

Most Improvement & Outstandir 

ig Work 

Historical Society Prize 

Kelly Foran 

Yuan Liu 

Computer Scienc Luisa Sofia Sepulveda Castaneda 

Science & Technolog 

Zhouying Duan 


Kelly Foran 


Kelly Foran 


Kelly Foran 

A. Mackenzie English 

Kelly Foran 

Sybil Galambos Francois 

Etienne Scraire 

Amaron Prize for French 

Kelly Foran 

2010 special prizes 

The Donald McG Hackett Prize for Creativity 

The Thespian Shield for Acting 

The Director's Award in Theatre Arts 

The Music Prize (for contribution to music in the school) 

The Choir Award 

The Jazz Band Award 

The Yearbook Award 

The Technology Prize 

The Lee Audet Trophy Senior Public Speaking Prize 

Natasha Podd 
Natasha Podd 
Karla Barrutieta 
Etienne Scraire 
Christopher-Michel Hodge 
Shin-Haw (Frank) Lee 
Gabrielle Fleming 
Sean Scribner 
Kelly Foran 
Joseph Harvey 
Liam Gribbon 
Gabrielle Fleming 
Robyn Diamond 
Alyssa Palmer-Dixon 

The Kathleen Harper Junior Public Speaking Prize 

The Rotary Club Service Award (for service above self in the school community) 

The King Constantine Medal (for commitment to Round Square ideals) 

The Alumni Bursary Award (to a deserving Grade 1 1 student going into Grade 1 2) 

The Trustees Scholarship 

The Gordon Usher-Jones Memorial Prize (to the Grade 1 2 student who has attended Stanstead College for one year 

and who has made an exceptional contribution through involvement in all aspects of school life) James Lively 

The Everest Award (Awarded to a Grade 1 2 student who has overcome challenges and 

shown significant improvement) Yu Jin (Cynthia) Kim 

The YUP Scholarship (to a new or returning student who demonstrates leadership, initiative and commitment to 

environmental sustainability) Robert Baillargeon 

The Billy Huckins Memorial Scholarship (for dedication, hard work, achievement and above all courage) Maxime Ruel 

The Raymond Lester Memorial Award (to the student who has most benefited from being at the school) Margarita Acero 

The Fountain Family Scholarship (to a deserving Northeast Kingdom student) 

The Banting Bursary Award (to a returning local student for academic achievement) 

The Kenneth Reed Memorial Award (to a local junior student returning to school) 

The Leonard McGilton Memorial Award (to a local senior student returning to school) 

The Eric T Webster Award (to a deserving returning student) 

The A P Gordon Prize for Science 
The McGill Science Medal Award 

The Spofforth Trophy for Excellence in Science and Mathematics 

The Arthur E Curtis Jr Award (to the top student entering an Engineering program) 

The Ralph V Merry Scholarship (to the top student entering a Humanities program) 

House Director's Award: 

Bugbee House Liam Gribbon 

Colby House Karla Barrutieta 

Davis House Hung-Hao (Hank) Chen 

Webster House Malda Alami 

The Sheila Ferguson Shield (to the all-round junior girl athlete of the year) 

The S F Abbott Memorial Shield (to the all-round junior boy athlete of the year) 

The Shirley Wolter Trophy (to the all-round senior girl athlete of the year) 

The Thomas Johnson Memorial Trophy (to the all-round senior boy athlete of the year) 

The Trueman-McFadyen Award (to a graduating girl for proficiency in academics & athletics) 

The Bowman Hall Award (to a graduating boy for proficiency in academics & athletics) 

The Faculty-Staff Award (to a returning student who is deemed most likely to benefit from returning 
to Stanstead College and who exemplifies the qualities of health, wisdom and integrity 
The Headmaster's Award (to an active and positive citizen in the Stanstead College community) 
The John H E Colby Scholarship (for dedication to school, mission, programs) 

The Grade 7 Academic Award (the highest overall average in Grade 7) 

The Grade 8 Academic Award (the highest overall average in Grade 8) 

The Grade 9 Academic Award (the highest overall average in Grade 9) 

The Birks Bronze Medal (the highest overall average in Grade 10) 

The Governor General's Medal (the highest overall average in Grade 1 1 ) 

The Birks Silver Medal (the highest overall average in Grade 1 2) 

The Wilder Shield (to the junior student with the most positive influence) 

The Pitcher Memorial Prize, the school's highest award (to the student who has exerted the 
greatest influence for good) 

Spencer Martin 
Wyatt Kimball Hamby 
Andrew Norris 
Chelsy Martin 
Maxime Ruel 
Felix Larrivee 
Blanche DuSault 
Gabrielle Fleming 
In Won Lee 
Pietro Antonelli 

Catherine Quirion 
Andrew Norris 
Juliet Anchi-Ngum Numfor 
Ryan Bedard 
Gabrielle Fleming 
In Won Lee 

Robert Baillargeon 
Hung-Hao (Hank) Chen 
Jason Cowen 
Wyatt Kimball Hamby 
Malcolm Wood-Downey 
Catherine Quirion 
Kelly Foran 
Tiffany Huang 
Gabrielle Fleming 
Carlos Jesus Camarena Villa 

Gabrielle Fleming 

Congratulations, Thomas! 
We are proud of you! 


Mama, Papa, 
& Martin 


Congratulations on a 
great first year. 

We are so proud of you. 

Love, Mom , Pad 
and Anika 

Congratulations ; grads! 
Clear skies ahead! 

Congratulations, Nick! 

We are very proud of you! ! ! 
Love, Mom, Dad and Jen 

Congratulations and Best Wishes 
to the 2009-2010 Grad Class 
- The Bauer Family 

Congratulations, James! I know 
you lA/tff succeed fn the future! 

Love Dad 

mucho! | 
Mama, 1 
papa & ' 
Marce fl* 



Nature’s Textures 

Natural \ earthy grass 
Comforting and soft under our feet 
Fresh coolbreeye 
We feel fulfilled. 

Hurt , pain , agony 
Miniscule spears 
Impaling our joy 
Envious of our pleasure. 

Retreating from sorrow 
Grateful for gargantuan and beautiful 
Fertile lands 

Our eyes gleam our thirst is cjuenched. 

Shackles Released 

We’re bored and tired of labouring 
Waiting for the bell to ring in 
freedomRunning, jumping, yelling, 
cheeringSummer is our kingdom 
Sleep-ins, crayy nights, lots of treatsHair 
billowing in the waves Wind whistling 
through the heat An eternity of long 
relaxing days 

What could be better than thisPEyes 
closed feeling the breeye'Lyanne! Wake 
upl’We’re still bored, we’re still 

- Grade 7 collaborative poems 

"Live qs rf you were to die tomorrow. 
Leqrn qs rf you were to live "forever.’ 
Mohcrtilq Gbqndi 

- t ,. v ,, 

■ .s, du 

t’' 1 *"" fill. , '''■i’llt'.H ,lr. 

piu-.ii.W 'd itr 
‘■ M - 

f ‘t/( if- 

*5 dlEl 'WW" ‘"siiin 

••• " ' '■‘’llUnp tit. 



> 'hi r. ,| s ,' ..... 

'™"!H (!iij 

ui-u't ^ 1 . .... \'Ottl nV\ 






January 11'* - February 21" 











Marie and Kirby Fontaine 
from Sagkeeng First Nation 
in Manitoba take home 
$50 million in the new 
Lotto Max jackpot. 

The Hudson’s Bay Company 
pays $1 00 million for the 
rights to be the official 
merchandiser to the 
Canadian Olympic Teams. 



The United States 
draws closer to 
providing health care for 
all with the passage of 
reform bills in both the 
House and the Senate. 

Haiti's earthquake - with 
a magnitude of 7.0 - is 
declared by the United 
Nations as the worst 
disaster it has ever 
confronted. Aid pours 
in from Canada and 
around the world. 

Studies find that texting while driving VHv 
may be up to six times more dangerous 
than talking on a phone while driving. By ^ 
the end of the year, 7 provinces are expected to 
pass cellular bans in Canada. 

V / Price per litre of gas in 2000: 71 .5 C Movie ticket price in 2000: $9 
JLJLJ ° in 2009: 94.6 C in 2009: $10 


Tony Avolnr/Chris 

1 ^T r jr 


1 1 








Parliament votes that Canada’s 
military mission in Afghanistan will 
end in 201 1 . There are currently 
2800 Canadian soldiers serving 
in the Southern provinces of the 
war-ravaged country. 

CP Press/Colin Perkel 

The H1N1 virus 
appears to affect 
teens more than 
typical flu viruses. 
Hand sanitizer is a 
commonplace sight 
in classrooms and 
other public spaces. 





Justin Sullivan/Getty Images 

fort hood^ 
lome of Amei^i 
Armored Cr £ 


/Getty Images 

In efforts to make General Motors 
more economically viable, the 
company discontinues the Saturn 
brand and announces plans to 
phase out its Pontiac division. 

America honours the lives of 1 3 innocent victims 
of a tragic shooting spree at Fort Hood, Texas, 
in November. 

Facebook users in 
Canada 2000: 0 

Unemployment rate in 2000: 6.8% 
in 2009: 8.6% 


Canadian population 

in 2000: 31 million 
in 2009: 34 million 



- • 1 



According to Food Banks 
Canada, approximately 800,000 
Canadians turned to food banks 
in March; an increase of almost 
1 20,000 people from the same 
month last year. 

CP Press/Ryan Remiorz 

Six-time Olympic 
medalist Clara Hughes 
once stated that 
‘sports saved her life’ 
and has donated her 
201 0 Bronze medalist 
bonus to the Take a 
Hike Foundation, a 
program that provides 
learning for at-risk kids 
in Vancouver. 

AP Photo/Chris Carlson 

Roots Canada is one of the first brands to 
use sustainable cotton alternatives, such as 
bamboo and hemp in their clothing. 


During October, Breast Cancer Awareness 
Month, pink products are everywhere: 
from printers to power tools, snowboards 
to golf balls, blow dryers to water bottles. 




V ’ 1 

| i 

If Thousands of college and university 
^ W students across Ontario protest rising 
tuition fees which have risen as much 
as 8% annually since 2006. 

According to a study commissioned by Mackenzie 
Investments, 93% of Canadian teens volunteer approximately 
1 00 million hours a year to support causes they believe in. 





Turn off the lights when no one's in the room. 

Carry a reusable tote bag when you go shopping. 

Bike or walk instead of driving. 

Get a reusable metal water bottle. 

Unplug and shut down electronic devices when not in use. 

Buy music online instead of purchasing CDs. 

Use rechargeable batteries instead of disposables. 

Replace standard light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs. 
In winter, turn down the heat and wear more layers. 

In summer, set your air conditioner thermostat to 22° or higher. 

,m»MS bronze 

i Walton 

Nova Scotia-born, Sidney Crosby gf. 
becomes the youngest captain A 
to hoist the Stanley Cup as he 
leads the Pittsburgh Penguins £■ 
to their third championship ^ afe 
and first since 1 992. & mmk 

Olympic Gold for the 6000m 
five-man-team in short track 
relay. Charles Hamelin and 
Francois-Louis Tremblay also 
brought home Gold and Bronze 
respectively in the 500m. 






Jason Payne/Canwest News Service 

Hockey great Wayne 
Gretzky lights the 
outdoor Olympic 
Cauldron at the 
conclusion of the 
opening ceremonies 
in Vancouver. 

Team Canada claims 
their 3rd straight Gold 
Medal in Women’s 
Olympic Hockey by 
defeating Team USA 
2-0 on February 25th, 

Doug Benc/Getty Ir 



Team Canada captures 
Olympic gold as it defeats 
Team USA 3-2 in overtime 
during the much-anticipated 
Gold Medal game. 

Alexandre Bilodeau 
wins Canada’s first 
gold medal in the 
men’s moguls at 
Cypress Mountain on 
February 15, 2010. 


2000 - B.C. Lions 

2001 - Calgary Stampeders 

2002 - Montreal Alouettes 

2003 - Edmonton Eskimos 

2004 - Toronto Argonauts 

2005 - Edmonton Eskimos 

2006 - B.C. Lions 

2007 - Saskatchewan Roughriders 

2008 - Calgary Stampeders 

2009 - Montreal Alouettes 

Justin Bieber, Canadian teen sensation 
from Stratford, ON, parlays YouTube 
fame into a record deal and a coveted 
spot as Presenter at the 201 0 Grammy 
Awards. - 

Michael Jackson, the xB 
legendary King of Pop, X M 
dies unexpectedly at the 
age of 50, just weeks before 
his This Is It world tour is to begin 

Alicia Keys guest 
stars on JayZ’s 
album, The Blueprint 
3. Their joint effort, 
“Empire State of 
Mind,” is one of the 
most successful 
songs of the year. 

Kevin Mazu/wireimage 



Fearless, Taylor Swift 
I Dreamed a Dream, Susan Boyle 
Number Ones, Michael Jackson 
The Fame, Lady GaGa 
My Christmas, Andrea Bocelli 

Beyonce broke 
the record for a 
female artist at 
the Grammys 
with six awards, 
including Song of 
the Year and Best 
Female Pop Vocal 

6 . Hannah Montana: The Movie Soundtrack, 
Hannah Montana 
7 The E.N.D., Black Eyed Peas 
8. Relapse, Eminem 
The Blueprint 3, Jay-Z 
Only By the Night, Kings of Leon 

Tina Fey’s acclaimed NBC comedy 
30 Rock receives a record 22 
primetime Emmy Award nominations 
and wins five, including Best 
Comedy Series and Best Actor in a 
Comedy Series (Alec Baldwin). 

Reality TV shows like 
CBS's Survivor and 
The Amazing Race 
continue to draw in 
viewers of all ages. 

A new generation of 
rock fans discover 
the Fab Four. The 
Beatles: Rock 
Band is a smash 
hit among teens, 
parents and even 

New Fox hit TV 
show Glee takes 
home the Golden 
Globe for Best 
Musical or Comedy 
Television Series 
over such 
veteran shows as 
The Office, 30 Rock 
and Entourage. 

tury Fox Film Corp./Courtesy: Everett Collection 

l\*vV, . __ 7 * Ay . 4 

\ 111 & li jta'djL > Jr 

/ 1 1 H 1 1 ij . 






aME* iC * 

i Television Group/Getty Images 

Sesame Street, the legendary PBS 
children’s show, celebrates 40 years 
of ABCs and 1 23s with the likes of 
Cookie Monster, Oscar the Grouch 
and Big Bird. 

‘ SpongeBob SquarePants celebrates 
1 0 years on the air with the debut 
of Truth or Square, a Nickelodeon 
TV movie featuring celebrity guests 
and several shocking twists. 

After just seven 
' months, Conan 

O’Brien receives $45 
million to surrender 
his position as host 
of The Tonight Show 
after NBC decides 
, to return Jay Leno 
to his previous 
. time slot. 

Mitchell Haaseth/©NBC/courtesy Everett Collection 


1. Wii Fit 

2. Wii Play 

3 . Pokemon Platinum Version 
*1. Mario Kart Wii 

5 . Resident Evil 5 (Xbox 360) 

6 . Killzone 2 

7 Call of Duty: World at War 

8 . Resident Evil 5 (PS3) 

9. Halo Wars 

lO. Street Fighter IV 


Sandra Bullock wins 
the Golden Globe for 
Best Actress in a Motion 
Picture-Drama for her 
performance in The Blind Side, 
based on the true story of Baltimore 
Ravens football player Michael Oher. 

_Rob Kim/Landov 

Ylii Mok/PA Photc 




After two weeks of limited 
sold-out shows, 1 million 
moviegoers submit online 
requests that cause the nationwide 
release of Paranormal Activity. 

Harry Potter and the 
Half-Blood Prince raked 
in the biggest midnight 
earnings of all time, 
grossing $22.2 million 
at the box office. 

Wall Disney/Kobal Collection 

Ralph Nelson/dWamer Bros/Courtesy Everett fniiortinn , .. 

V’T, 1 

if i \ k i \ 

✓. FI 

ik { 

In just 41 days, 

James Cameron’s 
Avatar overtakes 
Titanic to become 
the highest-grossing 
movie ever worldwide 
at $1 .859 billion. 


II I M Ief 



Are you 'Team Jacob 
or “Team Edward"? 
“Twihards” around the 
world swoon over the 
supernatural love 
triangle in The Twilight 
Saga: New Moon. 

1. How the Grinch Stole Christmas 

2. Cast Away 

3. Mission: Impossible II 

4. Gladiator 

5. What Women Want 

6. The Perfect Storm 

7. Meet the Parents 

8. X-Men 

9. Scary Movie 

10. What Lies Beneath 



1. Avatar 

2. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen 

3. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince 

4. The Twilight Saga: New Moon 

5. Up 

6. The Hangover 

7. Star Trek 

8. The Blind Side 

9. Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel 
10. Monsters Vs. Aliens 

©Twentieth Ceeliftipi rtjn /orpotationtcourtesy Everett Collectton 

This Is It, a film about the 
late Michael Jackson’s tour^/ 
rehearsals, becomes the 
world’s highest-grossing 
concert movie and 

Super Soft Fleej 

Snuggie, the blanket with 
sleeves, is a runaway hit. 
The company introduces 
versions for kids and 
pets and features designer 
styles in a fashion show. 

HtHY INFUl'®’ 




The Blanket That Has Slee 


r urn iff 
boots I 

Graphic tees, worn alone or paired with zip-front ^ 
hoodies, are a comfortable way to make a style ^ 
statement, promote your favorite band and express 
your individuality. 



IS«" b <5 



top in 


1. Skinny jeans 6 Animal prints 

Big '80s shoulders 7 Rachel Roy b 

Over-the-knee boots 8 Ripped jeans 

Graphic tees 3 '90s grunge 

Hoodies 18 Flared ieans 





Videos Being Wal 

Martin Keene/PA Photos/Landovj 

Tim Ireland/PA Photos/Landov 



U ,f aceboo^^A vote now! 

•wuPe.tom / 

” Irniilr A#f m 


S January 11“ - February 2 V _ 

2& ©Hasbro 

— i 1 

YouED H 

Spas and salons across the 
country are gaining popularity and 
catering to a growing demographic 
- tweens and teens. 

| a More than half (58%) of 
w Canadians ages 13-17 
use social networking 

Now Canadian 
consumers can carry 
a whole library in a 
device the size of 
a pocketbook with 
Amazon’s Kindle and 
the Sony Reader. 

O Youth unemployment 
rose from 10.7% 

in January 2008 to 
16.3% during the 
summer of 2009. 

Pass the potatoes, please. Busy families^, 
are cutting back on expensive take-out 
meals and making time to sit down together 
for healthier, home-cooked family dinners. 


Mixed Sources 

Product group from well-managed 
forests and other controlled sources 

T7* O ( Cert no. SW-COC-0021 50 
X 1 OL © 1996 Forest Stewardship Council 

201 0 Jostens Canada Ltd . Printed in Canada #3302589